Aaron Doughty – MindShift Meditations

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It became more about ‘alignment and vibration’ and the moment I started to apply it, I began to feel a surge of energy unlike anything I have experienced before…


Aaron Doughty – MindShift Meditations

Aaron Doughty - MindShift Meditations

Check it out: Aaron Doughty – MindShift Meditations

STOP Chasing Money, Love and Success…
“Discover a Powerful Technique to make Money, Love and Success Chase You
without working hard or trying to force things to happen”

with MindShift Meditations you will easily…

Feel empowered to manifest knowing you can use this process to create whatever you want in your life
Experience the freedom to manifest from a totally new paradigm
Get to the authentic core of who you are so that you let go of blocks and resistance
Powerful Techniques that allow you to “choose” the reality you want
Powerful Exercises and tools to decrease importance and resonate with your goals and desires
Raise your consciousness and vibration to create from a whole new paradigm

From: Aaron Doughty
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hey, Aaron here!

I’m going to be honest and blunt with you

I used to be the guy on Youtube preaching “hard work” and “massive action” for the Law of Attraction to work…

The truth is…

I was originally rewarded for taking massive action and got “some” results from it…

however after a year of having the “nose to the grindstone…”

creating major resistance and feeling like I had to “try” very hard…

not only that I felt like I was so desperate to manifest that I was repelling myself from attracting money, love and success

I was living at my dads house, “trying” to “make it” on Youtube and didn’t know what to do to get better results…

I realized there had to be a better way…
That’s when I learned about a parallel realities shifting and started to apply it…

Everything changed.

Things became easier…

I began to realize that I didn’t have to “try so hard”

I could instead, align my energy to my goals in way that was graceful…

knowing all I had to do was “resonate” with the reality I wanted to experience

It became more about ‘alignment and vibration’ and the moment I started to apply it, I began to feel a surge of energy unlike anything I have experienced before…

I moved into my dream house and now live a life of abundance BEYOND what I have ever thought possible…

Manifestation became easier than ever

When I aligned with the universe, the universe started to manifest FOR me…

This took the weight off my ego and has allowed me to live a totally new life.

Maybe you can tell in my more recent videos…

My energy is different, my mentality has changed and my life has been transformed…

I believe it will change your life too

If You Are You Tired of…

Feeling like you have to “try hard” to attract what you want?
Feeling like the more you want something, the more you subconsciously “push” it away?
Experiencing subconscious blocks that you feel are holding you back?
Feeling like the “cameo” in everyone else’s movie?
Wondering whether the Law of Attraction REALLY works
Not knowing what steps to take to attract what you want, even-though you desire it “badly”

Do you feel confused about the process of manifestation in general, not knowing the steps to take?

The truth is, this is not only how I felt years ago, it’s also how many people feel that are using the Law of Attraction process to manifest what they want only to find they are “spinning their wheels.”

This is all due to the OLD, outdated way of using the Law of Attraction, by…

“Desiring” manifestations and emphasizing a feeling of lack.
Creating an ‘imbalance of energy’ by making the desire “very important” (this causes us to attract the opposite.)
Social conditioning blocking people from creating momentum due to “pull” and “draining” nature of it.
Trying to do “too much” and creating resistance, slowing down the process.
Feeling fake while “acting as if” reaffirming the old identity and therefore staying the same.

The Good News is, there is a better way…
What if I told you manifestation can be so much easier if you got to the authentic core of who you are and then realized that what you want, already exists…

It’s simply about aligning with that energy and creating from that higher-vibrational state.

When you get to that core you will feel empowered and feel like you can finally take off the mask of “trying” to manifest using the old way which creates resistance.

We get to that core by dismantling all the outdated ideas and beliefs in regards to the manifestation process.

I will show you how to remove the layers that are holding you back…
The layers of inauthenticity that keep you in old patterns getting the same unwanted results.

This goes beyond just the manifestation process and is intended to create a total transformation for the way you relate to reality in general.

This transformation comes from reading books on Parallel Reality Shifting and applying into my life in a “Practical way”

My intention is to help you receive the massive benefits I have received in an ongoing practical easy to apply step-by-step process that combines personal development, and Quantum Manifestation.

Introducing: MindShift Meditations
The Most Powerful Technique to make Money, Love and Success Chase You without working hard or trying to force things to happen

What are the MindShift Meditations?
Each MindShift Meditation immerses you in soothing relaxation and positive energy, using carefully chosen frequencies and transformative imagery to access the deepest levels of belief that keep you from unleashing your true power so that you can release them for good and create life on YOUR terms

MindShift Meditation One: Story
“How To Destroy Your Negative Beliefs And Attract Your Dream Life”
In this MindShift Meditation, we’ll explore the stories you currently tell yourself, and how the themes of those stories are keeping you stuck in patterns that don’t serve you.

Through this meditation, you will identify the core beliefs that are keeping you from your dream life, so that you can replace them with beliefs that serve your desires.

with each meditation there are videos that show you “step-by step” EXACTLY what to do to release those dusty “old” stories and build positive empowering new ones

MindShift Meditation Two: Healing
“How To Heal Your Painful Past And Feel 100% Worthy, Whole And Complete”
Once you’ve gained amazing clarity on the story and beliefs that have kept you in a default state of “want,” it’s time to heal, forgive, and complete the past on an identity level so that you no longer have to “repeat” the past

This MindShift Meditation and section will lead you through healing and completing the past to make room for abundance, success, love, and anything else that’s felt out of reach!

MindShift Meditation Three: Intention
“How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams Using The Power Of Intention”
Most people live very little of their life with intention. Instead, they live their lives on “auto-pilot,” simply allowing life to happen to them.

Through this MindShift Meditation, you’ll learn the most powerful way to increase the probability of you creating your DREAM reality…

whether that be attracting your soulmate, the abundance to travel the world or live a life of FREEDOM instead of being programmed by the past!

MindShift Meditation Four: Frequency
“How To Match The Frequency Of The Reality You Desire And Manifest It Effortlessly”
Did you know your ideal life already exists? It’s true!

Think about how many television channels there are broadcasting media at the exact same time. But your television only tunes to one at a time… and that’s the channel you see!

Humans are the same way… and this MindShift Meditation gives you the ability to re-tune to your ideal frequency (the one broadcasting YOUR DREAM LIFE)… by “tuning” on the inside using this powerful meditation

MindShift Meditation Five: Transformation
“How To Shift Your Level Of Consciousness Beyond The Ego And Experience A Permanent Identity Level Transformation”
This is where you are going to experience a permanent, lasting transformation unlike anything else you have experienced in your life!

The deep, authentic insights that will be revealed to you during the Transformation Experience will unlock your ability to attract the exact life you want… quickly and effortlessly!

Let me repeat that last part:
By the end of the fifth and final MindShift Meditation, you will be a new person.
I just want to make that clear, because I know that you’ve probably tried meditation before – maybe even for months or years – and it hasn’t made any difference.

or maybe you have NEVER tried meditation before…

it doesn’t matter

you will be a different person and FEEL that from that moment forward

friends and family will notice you carry yourself differenly

people will notice something about your energy and presence in general

and from that moment on you’ll be FREE to be who you prefer to be

no filters.

no more sabotaging.

no more resistance and no more blocks

just authenticity

That’s why I’ve designed these meditations to work on a core identity level the FIRST time… even if you get distracted or fall asleep. They’re THAT powerful.

Get immediately download Aaron Doughty – MindShift Meditations

But it’s also why I need to tell you this:

If you’ve ever hoped for more than life has handed you…
If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t deserve to be happy…
If you’ve ever worried about ending up sad and alone…

A brand-new you IS truly possible, right now.

And the simple, meditations you need to become free from limiting beliefs… are right at your fingertips.

You’re worth investing in. And the sooner you do, the more time you’ll have to enjoy life on YOUR terms!

MindShift Meditations Core Training – $497
5 MindShift Meditations – $397
The SHIFT Technique – $497
BONUS #1: Inside The Mind Series – $297
BONUS #2: Leaked CIA Documents – $197
BONUS #3: Epiphany Notes – $297

You are just ONE meditation away from Unleashing Your TRUE Power and Creating Your DREAM Life!

Get MindShift Meditations Now and Receive These FREE Bonuses!
In this exclusive audio series, I go in-depth with top influencers to discover who they truly are, how they’ve transcended limitations to create success, and what they recommend if you’re serious about changing your life and expanding your consciousness.

Victor Oddo, Leeor Alexandra, and Ryan Cropper will be spilling their best transformation secrets in the INSIDE the MIND Series!

What if I told you there have been top secret documents that have been leaked on manifestation and the results of experiments to do with meditation and consciousness? In this bonus I share what was discovered about reality, I decipher these documents and what it means and show you how you can easily apply it to influence reality to have it bend in your favor.

BONUS THREE: Epiphany Notes
Ever wanted a peek inside MY mind? I’m giving you ALL of the resources that have allowed me to create transformation for myself, and for countless thousands of people around the world! My top videos, esoteric books, life hacks… they’re all there for you to dive into!

I literally give you over 200 screenshots from my personal iPad with sections of books circled with my handwriting of what I need to remember

these are the biggest epiphanies I have had plus I also share the top meditations that have changed my life, top documentaries, top books, etc

many of which can be listened to or watched in this section of the course!

I’ve even summarized and timestamped the entire collection of videos that have transformed my life – it’s like a roadmap to achieve your own new level of awaking and personal power!

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Aaron Doughty - MindShift Meditations

Aaron Doughty - MindShift Meditations

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