Alen Sultanic – Commission Formula

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Module 1: Introduction to CPA Networks & Next Affiliate Marketing

Alen Sultanic - Commission Formula

Alen Sultanic – Commission Formula

Check it out: Alen Sultanic – Commission Formula

This is a huge program (although the price does not reflect this) and it required an in-depth analysis.

Let me give you my first impressions when I reached the member’s area and started reviewing the program:


Yes, I was blown away: 51 video modules and 15+ hours of step-by-step training… It’s really well organized and most of the content is based on “watch over my shoulder” type videos.

Then, each module comes with an action plan you can download as well as resources to activate.

When I started watching the videos, it simply confirmed my first impressions, given the quality of the videos and the insightful knowledge provided by Alen.

I have rarely been impressed by a product or service. This one is an exception and I cannot find any cons to it. When you dig into it, you’ll understand why.

So, feel free to read my quite long review or you may also get more details about Commission Formula HERE…
Brief overview of what Commission Formula is

Commission Formula is divided into 3 Phases matching the steps through which you should go based on your current knowledge, skills and level of income (resulting from your online marketing efforts).

IMPORTANT: you must watch the intro video and never rush into the advanced phases if you’ve not first gone through the Phase that matches your current position as an online marketer.

I guarantee that this course is second to none, and to make the most of it, you need to trust Alen about the process he has designed to help you succeed, whatever your current level is.

But don’t worry, Alen will first walk you through this entire home study course within a 10 minute intro with clear outlines and instructions. You will also understand the philosophy of this course and there should be no doubt thereafter how you should use the course.

In summary, here is how this course is structured, and we will then go through each phase in detail:

Its a progressive home study course and whether youre completely new (meaning youre not yet making money or less than $5,000 per month), experienced marketer generating a regular income from your marketing actions (less than $10,000 consistent monthly income) or an expert market generating more than $10,000 a month consistently), theres something for you.

Which is why this course comes with multiple sections walking you through the step-by-step process you need to follow, based on your current internet marketing experience.

In plain English, if you’re not making any money, you’re not told to buy traffic…you will be taught how to conceive and create your own commission funnel and how to drive traffic using free proven methods (this is Phase 1). Then you are taught how to re-invest part of the earnings you generated using Phase 1 techniques to create an automated self-funding system leveraging others’ talents (this is  Phase 1.5)

This phase is strategically positioned between Phase 1 and Phase 2. It made me first wonder why, but it’s really clever and you’ll quickly understand why. It basically makes you quickly shift from taking actions doing things yourself, to taking actions managing your online efforts as a real business. It’s a mindset shift and you’ll get to learn how to operate this transition and how to do things the right way. Which is why this Phase 1.5 is so important. Do NOT skip it, whatever your current marketing experience is.

Let’s keep it aside for a moment. Phase 2 is about “Next level Affiliate Marketing”, where he’ll go into the ever lucrative world of CPA offers where you can get paid for promoting mass market offers. Here, he’ll dive more into the paid traffic models, and he’ll show you how you can set them up for maximum conversions.

Finally, in Phase 3, it’s time to start generating massive waves of highly targeted traffic, and that’s why in Phase 3, you’ll learn how to start activating advanced traffic systems.

This is the key component of the Commission Formula, because affiliate marketing is all about traffic and conversions.

Let’s go into more details about each phase so that you can imagine what you’ll find inside this Commission Formula course.

Phase 1: Commission Execution

Phase 1 will lay down the foundation of your future business. It’s about the strategies, techniques and tactics as well as how to execute things.

Phase 1 is also all about free traffic. In fact the execution part is covered in the 2nd half of this HUGE Phase:

* 27 modules
* around 400 minutes of pure content, organized in a really brilliant way.

It’s a lot of content, but structured in such a way you’re not overloaded, and you can easily follow each step. It’s more than 6 hours of content, but once you’ve gone through this phase you will really feel confident that:

* you can do it
* you know exactly what to do next
* you can get started right away
* you have a complete blueprint you can follow that will generate profits for you

It’s close to 7 hours of content and to be honest, it’s the first time I have  found such an extensive and  well structured video course on affiliate marketing. As I mentioned, Alen is not a newcomer and he has worked on this “formula” for years now. You can access all his knowledge in this course.

Phase 1 alone could be sold for much more and could put to total and utter shame all $2000 courses out there. Why? Simply because this Phase is covering everything from strategies to tactics, from market research and evaluation to traffic generation (free methods only within this Phase):

Also, each video brings in a lot of value. Some, because it’s completely new stuff, and ALL because this is organized into an easy to follow step by step blueprint. I truly wish I had had access to such course 5 years ago…

That said, here are the details of the 27 videos you’ll watch in Phase 1:

Module 1: Tools and resources you need: web hosting, domain registration, ftp, image editing software (except for web hosting and domain registration, he is just sharing free resources)

Module 2: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: this 20 minute video is mostly designed for those of you new to the world of affiliate marketing.

Module 3: User intent conversion models: it’s a short 7 minute video, but it’s right on target. You’ll learn how to make more money maximizing your conversions without changing your website. Alen will teach you what user intent is, how to identify those intents and why you should target these intents on your websites for maximum conversion. This is a key video and you’ll use this concept within each one of your websites in the future. Do not skip it!

Module 4: Pinnacle Profits – Maximum Revenue With Geometric Growth.  Discover the only 3 ways to grow your online profits and how you can maximize each of the three ways.

This video is about marketing strategy. With the right strategy you can design the right tactics. The point is that most marketers don’t have the right strategy from the start and thus their marketing efforts are not as effective as they should be to maximize revenue. This video reveals the right marketing strategy to maximize your revenue and to design the right marketing plan.

Module 5: Commission funnels: what is probably the most powerful weapon when it comes to affiliate marketing, and, in fact, to any other business model. Remember the user intent conversion video we mentioned? When you combine user intent with commission funnel, you are all set for the future and you will turn visitors into loyal buyers. This video is tightly tied to the previous one (Pinnacle profits) and will teach you a lot about the working of internet marketing business models and their related tactics.

Then, there’s a set of a 8 short (3 to 12 minutes long) videos covering important tactics before moving to the execution part: – Selecting winning markets: you will learn how to select a winning market each and every time. This is based on a proven, time-tested model that works.

* Module 6: The Free Traffic Master Plan For Getting Easy Traffic , or How to suck maximum amounts of free traffic from the search engines on total autopilot.
* Module 7: Your Commission Traps: How to set up a commission trap that virtually sucks in profits from all of the free traffic that it attracts.
* Module 8: Automating your commission traps: how to automate what you’ve learned in the previous video
* Module 9: The 3 Site Attack Strategy.  Discover a little known, but highly effective 3 site attack strategy that allows you to dominate multiple markets at once.
* Module 10: 2+1 Site Re-Deployment Method: Discover a brutal tactic for taking over entire markets with one power profit move.
* Module 11: Recycling Your Profits: How to recycle your profits from each and every commission trap that you create.
* Module 12: Commission Hijack: How to hijack commissions every single time.

The previous videos cover important tactics to apply to your commission funnels.

Finally, Phase 1  includes an extra set of 15 “watch over my shoulder” videos showing you how to “execute” things, step-by-step (just this set of videos is worth the price of the entire program… just like any of the 4 sections of the program too…). Of course this video shows you how the previous strategies and tactics are applied when it comes to build your commission funnel (all these videos are really “watch over my shoulder” videos, so I won’t go into much detail, as the titles are quite self explanatory) :

Module 13: Market selection matrix: Alen shows you “live” how he selects killer markets. You will even get market ideas from this video. It’s a 42 minute video, and it’s far from what you could be used to, based on other products you might have purchased.

Module 14: Finding user intent keywords: an almost 1 hour video. We mentioned earlier that finding user intent is the most important part of the market research. Alen does it “live” right in front of you during more than 50 minutes.

Module 15: Getting your domain – Getting web hosting

Module 16: Setting up your commission site

Module 17: Creating your commission site shell

Module 18: Setting up all of the right elements

Module 19: Email marketing setup

Module 20: Creating your frontal vacuum: highly recommended. Alen shares what is currently the best converting squeeze page template ever (I have also tested it and it comes from mass markets, so conversions are proven)

Module 21: Creating your top down vacuum

Module 22: Implementing your commission conversion model

Module 23: Implementing your keyword tree on site

Module 24: Implementing your keyword tree off site

Module 25: Your 15 day traffic formula

Module 26: Finalization & stepping into Phase 1.5

As I told you, Phase 1 includes a lot of highly valuable content!

In summary, in Phase 1, the Commission Formula course covers the strategies techniques and tactics and gives you a good overview of how things work: finding profitable markets, creating the commission funnel, driving traffic to it.

In this part we review Phase 1.5 which comes right after Phase 1 which we reviewed in the previous post

Phase 1.5: Full force automation

Phase 1.5 is probably the most important feature enabling you to switch from a “D.I.Y” model to operating things as a real business: it’s about multiplying yourself for next to nothing by using other people to implement what is taught in Phase 1 – in other words, leveraging other people’s time, through outsourcing or sub contracting, to build your enterprise into a proper business It’s about creating an automated self funding system.

The main learning point is to use the money generated in Phase 1 to reinvest in a self funding system. You will learn how to outsource everything you’ve learned in phase 1 (finding markets, analyzing, creating the commission websites, driving traffic…) so that you can quickly and easily replicate things (most of all, you might choose to invest your time in replicating profitable models rather than learning / doing the technical stuff)

And it’s a step by step process: you use the income from phase 1 to funnel back into the development and growth of phase 1, and so on… so you’ll learn how to have people do the work for you and, most importantly, for a low cost.

This Phase is a 3 module video course (around 65 minutes)

Module 1: Full force automation –  Discover the power of full force automation and geographic arbitrage.

Module 2: Outsourcing Entire Phase 1 And Scaling Up – How to outsource entire Phase 1 and scale up your commission empire through geographic arbitrage.

Module 3:  Reinvesting In Phase 2  for Paid Traffic Sources – How to take your profits from Phase 1 and have them pay for your traffic in Phase 2.

From Phase 1 and 1.5, you acquired a lot of knowledge and you should be ready to take action with the right mindset. You’ve learned how to create commission funnels, how to implement them, how to drive traffic to them, and most importantly how to get others do the job for you for close to nothing.

Now it’s time to step into Phases 2 & 3.

Phase 2 is about stepping up from micro markets to macro markets.

This is logical: Phase 1 & 1.5 were more related to niche markets. Once you master the process for micro markets, you can think of moving to huge macro markets. As we said, this is an entire video course related to promoting lucrative CPA offers.
Phase 2 review: Next Level Affiliate Marketing

The structure is great.  First he reviews the strategies and tactics and  then he does it together with you in a set of  “watch over my shoulder” videos. That is really what I like about this entire course; there’s a lot of content (proven to work) as well as “live” demonstrations of how to do it yourself. This way you learn things and you also learn how to do things!

This single phase by itself is the best CPA marketing course I have ever seen: the content and “watch over my shoulder”  videos are contributing to turning this phase into a “must have” CPA course, but the feeling you get throughout this set of videos that the procedures are  proven to work and that you can do them yourself, is just invaluable.

CPA marketing is not easy to grasp and you can waste a lot of time and money  really getting into it. Most CPA courses will never give you the feeling that you can do it. They  either just give you a light overview with no real insights at how things are working, and most of the time poor case study videos  or you just end up thinking: “so what’s up now?” Also, most of the time, CPA course are produced by marketers who have no idea what CPA marketing is about. They partner with an “underground” guy of whom you have never heard  and from whom you will never hear again. They arrange things for a quick but lucrative product launch and you get almost no value…

The most impressive aspect is  that Phase 2 is just one out of the 4 sections included in Commission Formula program…

Phase 2 includes 14 modules and nearly 3 hours of video training:

Module 1: Introduction to CPA Networks & Next Affiliate Marketing

Module 2: Introduction To CPA offers and how they work

Module 3 : Introduction to your affiliate manager – here, you’ll learn how to work with your own personal affiliate manager when you join a CPA network.

Module 4: Getting into CPA networks – here you’ll learn how to get accepted into CPA networks. This is a critical video to watch.

Module 5: Paid traffic and how it differs from free traffic

Module 6: Commission intent framework for CPA offers

Module 7: Paid traffic commission conversion models

Module 8: Commission time-line and conversions – discover the exact time-line that your CPA traffic goes through, and how to optimize each and every point to increase your conversions.

Module 9: Finding winning CPA offers – how to find and select winning CPA offers with which other super affiliates are already making money.

Module 10: Discovering matching traffic sources – how to find matching traffic sources that you can use to drive already profitable traffic to your CPA offers.

Module 11: Finding and hijacking winning ads – How to find ads that are already generating profits and model them for your own success.

Module 12: Split testing and tracking – How to split test and track your entire conversion processes for all of the CPA offers that you promote.

Module 13: Optimizing your conversions – How to optimize fully your conversions for maximum profits from each and every CPA offer that you promote.

Module 14: Commission hijack – How to use little known, yet brutally effective techniques for hijacking commissions.

And we’re not yet done with Commission Formula.

Let’s jump into Phase 3 and how to start driving massive waves of targeted traffic to your commission funnels and CPA offers.

Phase 3 review: Activating Advanced Traffic Systems

At the risk of repeating myself, this Phase is simply amazing: it’s a full “watch over my shoulder” video course on Paid Traffic:

7 modules and more than 6 hours of pure exclusive content.

This Phase is of utmost importance  because this is where you get to know the techniques major affiliate companies are using to drive hundreds of thousands visitors to CPA offers. If you’ve heard of the stories where some generate millions of dollars in CPA commission, this is how they do it…And this is also what Alen does on a daily basis to generate his massive monthly income.

You get the real meat and this Phase is a pure goldmine if you want to dive into the paid advertising world (which you should, once you master Phases 1&2)

If you already know a bit about paid advertising, then this section is also of utmost importance. You might be aware that you have hundreds of paid traffic sources you could activate, right?

Alen has narrowed it down to some of the most important ones with which to start and also the ones that proved to be the most profitable for his own advertising campaigns.

So you can just reduce the learning curve and know that you will be advertising using only profitable techniques.

Alen first goes through his favorite traffic source: PPV (you can get visitors for as low as 1 ct and you can get a huge volume of visitors). He walks you through the main PPV networks too.

Then he goes through PPC networks (yahoo and bing) BUT NOT GOOGLE. This is pure gold… (what ads are converting, what kind of offers to target, which keywords…)

He then goes into details with some banner ad networks, banner retargeting networks, social ad networks, and other big advertising networks. This is simply brilliant.

Once again, this phase alone could be a standalone video course worth a lot more than the asked price for the whole Commission Formula program.

Final Recommendation

I enjoyed all of the modules in each Phase and I am 100% confident that you can make money if you follow this video program, step-by-step. There’s no reason one would fail after going through such a course (unless you just watch it and expect money to come overnight while watching TV… this won’t happen).

As you’ve understood, things will happen only if you take action. Most people don’t take action because they don’t know where to start, and most of the time they don’t have the knowledge to get started.

When you reach the Commission Formula member’s area, you will quickly understand that it could become your best business partner  .  I mean it!  You can go through Phases 1 and 1.5 and then work on them, creating the websites and applying the strategies and tactics from those Phases.

Later on, you can pass the details to your outsourcing team, or go and watch some more videos related to specific areas.

I am sure that once you’re inside, you will visit the member’s area for months and months to come.

This is probably the product I am the proudest to recommend. I had an interview with Alen, I have reviewed everything and I have tested some of his techniques too. This program is a gem and you should get it if you want to make things happen.

No matter if you’re new to this, advanced or expert, Commission Formula will help your online business for sure. There’s no doubt about this.

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Alen Sultanic - Commission Formula

Alen Sultanic - Commission Formula

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