Bruce Frantzis – Tao Space Live 2021


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Enrollment is now open. Classes won’t open again until next year, so I hope you’ll be able to join us for the upcoming Fall Session. It includes some offerings I haven’t taught publicly in over a decade.


Bruce Frantzis – Tao Space Live 2021

Bruce Frantzis - Tao Space Live 2021

Check it out: Bruce Frantzis – Tao Space Live 2021

A Special Invitation from Bruce Frantzis
Longmont, Colorado


When I was a young man traveling throughout Asia and studying martial arts full-time everyday, my focus was power.

When I experienced a traumatic accident that nearly broke my body, the importance of health and healing became clear.

When my teachers (in particular the Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh) led me into places within the mind that I never dreamed existed, it opened the ultimate potential of spirit and consciousness.

Health, power, healing, smooth emotions, peace of mind, clarity…they’re all manifestations of how much energy you have and how well it is flowing through you. Cultivating and using that energy or qi is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It is an art and a science that Taoists through the millennia have taken to the highest levels.

Regardless of your reason for being drawn to tai chi, qigong, meditation, or other internal arts, how deeply you benefit from your practice time has a lot to do with how you learn. I diligently searched all over the world for the very best instruction that I could find because learning from a genuine source and teacher can amplify the results and satisfaction of your practice 10x, accelerating your progress dramatically.

I was incredibly fortunate that through a lot of hard work, I was able to search out and learn from some of the most brilliant masters of the modern era. It has been my life’s mission to be a bridge for that knowledge between East and West to bring what I consider priceless teachings to anyone who is earnestly wanting to learn.

That is the mission of our Tao Space training center in Longmont, Colorado. It’s also the purpose of Tao Space Live.

Tao Space Live makes it possible for you to become a virtual student taking part in all of our classes from your home just like our in-person students here in Colorado. You’ll be sharing our training hall with me, my talented teachers, and a wonderful community of people stretched all across the globe.

If you’re reading this, then at some point in your life you were drawn to learning to feel and work with your energy in a deeper way through practices like tai chi, qigong, tui na bodywork, martial arts, or Taoist meditation.

At some point, you go beyond just the idea of something and want to learn the actual practices through a connection with a genuine tradition.

This is the turning point that can bring you to what is real.

During these times when meeting in-person is often not possible, Tao Space Live opens the gate to an unprecedented wealth of teaching and community to help you learn in the best possible way wherever you are.

Enrollment is now open. Classes won’t open again until next year, so I hope you’ll be able to join us for the upcoming Fall Session. It includes some offerings I haven’t taught publicly in over a decade.

Below are all the details about our upcoming live-stream classes and teachings. I look forward to training with you.

Everything furthers,

Bruce Frantzis

“The smooth, balanced flow of chi—your life-force energy—is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness.”
– Bruce Frantzis

Learn from where you are…

Tao Space Live gives you access to LIVE teachings as well as RECORDINGS of every single class and guided practice. This gives you the tools to learn at your convenience from wherever you are in the world.

You’ll even have the ability to DOWNLOAD recorded practice sessions if you’d prefer to have permanent offline access on your personal device.

The TSL program is designed to help you gain the most benefit from your practice and stay motivated to continue building your skill and knowledge.

You’ll not only be enjoying an incredible depth of instruction, but guided practices are also built in to support your learning and keep you on track.

Join a genuine Lineage Master’s school…

Tao Space Live allows you to join us in the training hall from home just like you were an in-person student here at our Tao Space center in Colorado.

Whether you are a beginning or advanced student, connecting to good teacher and school can make all the difference in how much you get back from your practice.

Fluent in Chinese and Japanese, Master Bruce Frantzis spent 16 years of full-time study in China, Japan, India, Taiwan, and throughout Asia learning directly from some of the most skillful masters on the planet in their native language.

He was the first American to ever be certified to teach tai chi outside of China by the Beijing Physical Culture Association. He later became one of the only recognized western lineage masters in the world, authoring 10+ books on the internal arts and meditation.

You’ll be learning directly from Bruce and his senior teachers. This level of instruction is only rarely available outside of China. Even if you made the trip, it’s next to impossible to find a skilled teacher who is willing to share many of the deeper techniques that truly give internal arts their power to heal and make you vital and alive.

Tao Space Live brings inner-door style teaching to you, along with worldwide community support to help you on your learning path. You’ll also have opportunities to ask questions via the chat feature or live audio to refine and improve what you know.

If you’re able to study in-person with an instructor, TSL is still a wonderful support to your practice. A certified EA instructor can even help you better absorb what you’re learning online.

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Weekly Classes Inside Tao Space Live Include:

Tai Chi: Classical Wu Style Long Form

For the first time in over a decade, Bruce will be leading students through the Wu Style Long Form, including lessons on Push Hands and martial applications. During each workout, the movements of tai chi exercise every muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint of the body. Tai chi is renowned for increasing and balancing the circulation of the body’s energy. The flowing, continuous movements create a deep relaxation in the nervous system and mind. Wu Style is particularly applicable to meditation and healing.

Tao Yoga

Taught by Master Bruce Frantzis, Tao Yoga is a unique practice that allows you to circulate and build Chi without ever over-stretching your muscles and tendons. Learn gentle postures that are combined with Taoist Breathing methods. This soft yet powerful practice will develop internal awareness and the neigong techniques underlying qigong and meditation.

Taoist Meditation

These classes teach the Water Tradition of Lao Tzu, a specific branch of meditation used to help students delve deeper inside themselves. These ancient meditation methods (Inner Dissolving) of Taoism have been used for thousands of years to help cope with stress and flow smoothly through challenging moments and times. These meditation classes will help bring you into a higher state of awareness and being and give you the skills to apply your meditation to the practical experiences of daily living. The specific focus of the Fall Session will exploring breath within Taoist Meditation.

Tai Chi Push Hands & Fighting Applications

Before becoming famous for health and healing, Tai Chi was recognized as a powerful martial art. Learning the basic fighting applications of the form helps a student remember the movements of tai chi and direct their energy more clearly. The two person exercise of Push Hands is an effective bridge between the form and fighting. It teaches how to embody the neigong principles of tai chi while interacting with another person.

Bagua Circle Walking & Arm Postures

Bagua creates a healthy, fluid body and mind. Bagua can also be learned as a powerful method of Taoist meditation emphasizing the principles of the I Ching and embodying the nature of change. This class will help students explore the circle walking practices of Bagua Zhang including an introduction to held static arm postures having the capacity to systematically and rapidly open your whole body.

Heaven & Earth Qigong

This simple two-movement qigong is a fantastic full body exercise that emphasizes the openings and closings of the body, lengthening and unbinding the connective tissue, and balancing the up and down energy currents. This qigong set is a student favorite. It is easy to learn yet yields profound health benefits, especially for the joints and spine!

Dragon & Tiger Qigong (German)

Dragon & Tiger works primarily with the acupuncture meridian lines of the body and is known for its ability to quickly give students a felt sensation of qi. This enjoyable seven-movement set is one of the best entry points into a qigong practice for new students. This class is an exciting international collaboration with Senior Instructor Elisabeth Wörsing, and will be taught in German with English translation available.

Tao Space Guided Practices

Regular practice is the cornerstone of getting the most out of your study of qigong, tai chi, and meditation. Guided practices with friendly, knowledgeable instructors are an integral part of the Tao Space Live program that supports the instructional classes. This helps you build a healthy practice rhythm and gain the most benefit.

25+ hours of live-stream classes to choose from each month


Authentic Knowledge

Learn from an internationally recognized lineage master and author with 50+ years of experience teaching thousands of students around the globe.


Worldwide Community

Take advantage of the encouragement and support of practicing along with hundreds of students as you learn from practitioners with decades of experience.


A Multimedia Digital Experience

Experience the ease of learning from your home with multiple camera angles, clear audio, and live Q&As. It’s the next best thing to attending in person!

Your Instructors

We are releasing this Live broadcast with the following teachers. We plan to add additional teachers as the program grows in the future.

Master Bruce Frantzis

Bruce Frantzis is the Founder of Energy Arts and has been called the foremost Western expert in Wu style tai chi and Yang style tai chi, holding direct lineages from China. He teaches six powerful qigong sets, as well as bagua zhang and hsing-i from the martial, health, and meditation perspectives. His passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition, a direct path to awakening your highest potential.

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form
  • Tai Chi Push Hands & Martial Applications
  • Tao Yoga
  • Taoist Meditation

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Craig Barnes

Craig is a Senior Instructor in the Energy Arts system and has been practicing and teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation, and the internal arts for over 30 years. He has studied actively with Master Frantzis since 1987 and has taught his own courses all over the world. He is one of only a few instructors who have been authorized by Master Frantzis to certify instructors in his system. Craig is known for his gentle yet thorough approach, and his ability to present complex material in a direct way that makes it come to life and take root.

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Wu Tai Chi Short Form
  • Heaven & Earth Qigong
  • Bagua Circle Walking & Arm Postures
  • Basic Meditation & Sitting Practice
  • Guided Practices

Elisabeth Wörsing & Ralph Heber

Elisabeth Wörsing and Ralph Heber are Senior Instructors in the Energy Arts System. They have multiple decades of experience teaching Taoist movement arts and are currently the co-owners of and primary teachers at one of the largest Tai Chi schools in Germany – Tai Chi und QiGong Schule Ulm. They began training with Bruce in 1993 and are known for their depth of knowledge, precision teaching, and warm personalities. (Their classes are taught in the German language for native speakers. Both live and recorded English translation of each class is available to all TSL members.)

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Dragon & Tiger Qigong
  • Guided Practice Sessions

Tao Space Faculty

Katie, Alexandra, and Paul are our Tao Space Live faculty teachers here in Colorado. Each of them is a certified Energy Arts instructor with many years of experience that will be leading several of our guided practice sessions. These sessions are designed to help you support a healthy practice rhythm, integrate and absorb the lessons from your instructional classes, and enjoy learning together with others. They’re looking forward to meeting you!

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Taoist Breathing Guided Practice
  • Tao Yoga Guided Practice
  • Dragon & Tiger Guided Practice
  • Heaven & Earth Guided Practice
  • Wu Short Form Guided Practice
  • Bagua Circle Walking Guided Practice

What You’ll Receive as a
Tao Space Online member

1.Weekly LIVE Teachings with Bruce Frantzis [~3 Hours]

Access direct teachings with Bruce each week as he teaches live from our Tao Space training hall. Courses progressively build each week, currently: Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form, Fighting Applications & Push Hands, Tao Yoga, and Taoist Meditation.

2. Weekly LIVE Teachings with Senior Instructors [~4 Hours]

Enjoy the benefit of Craig Barnes’ decades of experience and friendly, engaging teaching style as he leads classes in: Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form, Heaven & Earth Qigong, Bagua Circle Walking & Arm Postures, Basic Meditation & Sitting Practice.

3. Tao Space LIVE Guided Practice Sessions – follow along with Energy Arts instructors

Develop a personal practice rhythm to maximize your results with a full schedule of guided practices each week (Currently, Dragon & Tiger Qigong, Tai Chi, Tao Yoga, Bagua, Heaven & Earth Qigong & Taoist Breathing). Join multiple instructors as they provide a chance to review lesson material and give you the encouragement to make time to enjoy your personal practice.

4. The Energy Arts Training Forum on Facebook

Get access to the private Energy Arts Training Forum that is only for current students of our programs. Connect with other Tao Space Live members on the course and stay in touch with the global Energy Arts community.

5. Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to the Videos and Mobile Viewing

Login to a private member area where you can watch recordings of every class and guided practice at your convenience. You can also download the recordings to your personal device for lifetime access. Use our mobile app to watch lessons while you’re on the move as you travel or if you are practicing outdoors.

Receive Three Special Bonuses:

6. BASE Training Library Content [25+ Hours]

From the moment that you enroll, you’ll immediately gain access to a full training library of additional bonus teachings inside of your private membership area, including:

  • First and Second Editions of the Energy Arts Training Circle
  • Exclusive footage from Bruce’s current Longevity Breathing courses
  • Taoist Breathing Audio Program Practice Sessions

These trainings alone are worth the price of membership and contain practices on tai chi cloud hands, longevity breathing, bagua circle walking, standing qigong alignments, moving qi through the body, Taoist theory, circularity in tai chi and meditation, working with the tantien in qigong, the path of Taoism and much more!

7. Special Question and Answer Sessions with Bruce and Senior Instructors

Bruce will be weaving special Q&A opportunities into our monthly class schedule. This offers precious access to gain the perspective of a genuine lineage master. Expand your understanding to the next level by taking advantage of this opportunity to have your training questions answered.

8. 10% Energy Arts Events Discount

Tao Space Live members receive a 10% Discount on all Tao Space special events both virtual and in-person. This includes weekend intensives, extended retreats, and instructor trainings.

Here’s a summary of What You’ll Receive:

1) Weekly LIVE Teachings with Bruce Frantzis ~3 Hours [Value $200]

2) Weekly LIVE Teachings with Senior Instructors ~4 Hours [Value $125]

3) Weekly LIVE Guided Practice Sessions – follow along with Energy Arts instructors [Value $97]

4) Private Energy Arts Training Forum on Facebook

5) Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to the Videos and Mobile Viewing


6) BASE Training Library Content [25+ Hours] [Value $297]

7) Special Question and Answer Sessions with Bruce and Senior Instructors [Value $47]

8) 10% discount to all Energy Arts events (in-person & online)

Total Value: $247 per month

Regular Price: $97 per month

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Bruce Frantzis - Tao Space Live 2021

Bruce Frantzis - Tao Space Live 2021