Chris Derenberger – YT Marketer

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Case studies for the below videos/channels are included in the training. You’ll see exactly what I do to blast past competitors videos using a YouTube channel less than 1 month old!


Chris Derenberger – YT Marketer

Chris Derenberger - YT Marketer

Check it out: Chris Derenberger – YT Marketer

In-Depth Training Shows You The Secrets To Getting Monetized and Ranking on YouTube

YouTube Legends are created here…

In less than 1 month, you can have a fully monetized YouTube channel earning income from ads, affiliate offers and much more. What are you waiting for?

What Is YT Marketer?

YT Marketer is an in-depth course taught by a 7-figure YouTube marketer that reveals how to quickly create monetized YouTube channels and rank videos above your competitors for massive income from ad revenue and promoting affiliate offers. In fact, you’ll even learn how to get free products to review from other businesses.

All training and case studies are taught in over-the-shoulder video style with nothing left out.

You’ll see the channels, you’ll see the videos, you’ll see everything as I create them from scratch and start earning with ads and affiliate income!




The first part of this training will show you how to create a YouTube channel from scratch and have it fully approved for ad monetization in less than 30 days! I’ll share with you the most profitable niches for ad income as well as creating videos yourself or having them outsourced.


Full case studies on 2 channels that get monetized in 9 days and 14 days are included in the training. You’ll see everything performed on both channels from uploading the videos, optimizing, getting watch time, subs, and submitting for monetization approval.

Watch “over-the-shoulder” style so you don’t miss anything!


YouTube CPM, also known as cost per mille, is the average cost advertisers are paying for every 1,000 views. CPM is critical to determine what videos offer you the most in revenue and depends on your niche and the demographics of your viewers. The current average CPM is around $4.

I’ll show you the niches that can get you over $100+ CPM
This is one of my YouTube channels that constantly gets $60-$80 CPM but has even reached up to $155 CPM!


What’s the point of having a fully monetized YouTube channel if your videos are not ranking and getting views. You’ll watch as I show you how easy it is to boost your videos above your competitors so you get more REAL views, more interaction, more ad income, leads, and more affiliate sales.

Case studies for the below videos/channels are included in the training. You’ll see exactly what I do to blast past competitors videos using a YouTube channel less than 1 month old!

Learn the secrets I’ve been using for years to rank my clients!


Here’s how it started…

I recently created a new YouTube channel, got it monetized with YouTube ads (for extra income) then I reviewed a few cheap items I had purchased from Amazon for my home. I didn’t even show my face on camera. I simply recorded the products using my phone while talking about them. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

In fact, the full case study of this channel is included in this training.

I optimized my videos properly, used some special strategies (taught in this course) to rank them above all my competitors and BAM.. After uploading about 5 products, I got my first email from a company who wanted to send me their product to review for my channel.

Then I got another, and another, and now it’s happening all the time.

  • Multiple outdoor solar lights
  • Leaf blower
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Selfie accessories
  • Battery chargers
  • … and more.

This started after just 1 month of creating this YouTube channel!

As my channel continues to grow and get more attention, it will bring in more companies wanting me to review more expensive products.

From this 1 YouTube channel, I’m earning from YouTube ads, I’m getting free products, plus I’m making many affiliate sales from these product reviews. In one month, I was already earning over $100 from this channel.

Another channel I created about the same time is generating over $500/month already.

Inside this course, you’ll see how I built this YouTube channel from the very first day. I show you step by step how to get your channel monetized for ads (if you want to do that), how to create videos, how to rank videos (sneaky strategies) and much more that can help you to generate a handsome monthly income.


YT Marketer reveals the exact steps I follow to build and grow my own business. Not only do I show you how to shortcut getting your YouTube channel(s) monetized, I even show you how to rank your videos in YouTube just as I do in my own video ranking company.

To help ensure your success, I will continue to add new videos throughout 2022 to make this the most in-depth, income-generating system available for YouTube marketers. And of course all members will get these at no additional cost

YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

YT Marketer – Youtube Monetization Training

  • Youtube Channel Setup
  • Customizing Your Channel
  • Creating Videos
  • Outsourcing Videos
  • Uploading Videos
  • Subscribers
  • 2nd Youtube Channel
  • Updates
  • Getting Approved
  • 3 Week Results
  • Analytics & Ad Types
  • Recommended Niches

YT Marketer – Youtube Ranking Training

  • Understanding Youtube
  • Video Optimization
  • Boost Your Rankings
  • Adding CTR
  • MW Advanced
  • Case Study
  • Keywork Research
  • What’s Next

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Chris Derenberger - YT Marketer

Chris Derenberger - YT Marketer

$130.00$1,295.00 (-90%)

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