ConversionXL – Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

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You will never be a central part of your company’s growth team if you take a list of keywords from SEO analysts and convert them into blog posts.


ConversionXL – Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

ConversionXL - Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

Check it out: ConversionXL – Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

Become a technicalcontent marketer

Get the technical skills to use data to identify your target audience, discover the content they need, and learn how to produce it at journalistic standards—while proving the ROI for all of it.

This program is for people serious about building technical skills who will put in the effort it takes to complete a Minidegree.

  • Do deep research into your target audience to understand exactly who they are and the challenges they face.
  • Identify the topics that you’re best positioned to cover based on advanced data analysis.
  • Create and execute a strategy that meets the standards of journalists, not marketers.
  • Track traffic, leads, or any other metric—and demonstrate the value of those figures to the most skeptical C-suiters.
  • Take a methodical approach to maximize value from existing content and scale your program.
  • We’ll help you get a job once you graduate.

The best content marketers are highly technical

Content marketing promised to turn businesses into their niche’s premier media organization—then delegated that task to amateurs.

Technical content research and production skills will separate you—and your work—from the rest.

  • You will never be a central part of your company’s growth team if you take a list of keywords from SEO analysts and convert them into blog posts.
  • If your “interviews” are entry-level questions that coalesce into nothing more than dry, disjointed round-ups, you will never produce content that builds a brand.
  • If your original “studies” are woefully biased surveys, you will never produce research that holds up to scrutiny.

You also need the technical marketing skills to maximize the business value of your end product—how to rank content in search, run valid experiments on email campaigns, etc.

  • If all you can measure is top-level traffic, or social shares and links (based on dubious third-party estimates), your reporting won’t matter.
  • If your company doesn’t track the things you influence—and you don’t know how to set up, test, and manage new events—you’ll never be able to change that, either.
  • To prove that marketing wins are business wins, you’ll need to translate the outcome of your work into data stories that executives care about—ones that make your CMO look brilliant and pass muster with your CFO.

In this extensive certification program by CXL, you will learn the how-to skills that put you in a whole other (well-compensated) category from the dime-a-dozen “blog writers” whose careers have a low—and ever-lower—ceiling.

What is a Minidegree program?

A Minidegree is a curation of self-paced video courses organized by topics (tracks), so you can learn at a speed that suits your schedule. With optional assignments to apply what you learned.

Master content marketing at every stage — not just production

Great content marketing starts with a solid foundation of research. You’ll no longer wonder if a topic is relevant or waste time creating content based on what you could rank for. You’ll focus on what you should rank for—high-value, brand-building content.

You’ll be able to create content that brings in a steady stream of organic visitors by developing an SEO-focused editorial calendar. You’ll also learn how to manage the behind-the-scenes technical SEO that’s essential to help content succeed in search, even years after initial publication.

When you want to branch out to other channels, you’ll know how to win over influencers for more social shares, craft effective pitches to earn more links for your greatest stuff, repurpose existing content for other channels, and scale your program as your company grows.

What you’ll learn and how

  • Develop and action on best-in-class user research.
  • Learn a step-by-step process to identify the content topics your business should own.
  • Develop an editorial calendar that brings in tons of qualified traffic—users who actually turn into leads (and sales).
  • Produce magazine- and journal-quality content—the kind of stuff your boss always shares and asks, “How come we aren’t doing this?”
  • Optimize your site for behind-the-scenes, technical SEO aspects to get more of your content onto Page 1 of search results.
  • Plan content distribution in advance—across multiple channels—so that you know a piece will succeed before you invest in content production.
  • Audit and edit your on-site tracking to get the data you need to translate the value of top-of-funnel traffic or “thought leadership” content into real dollars.

Ideal for marketers who want to drive bottom-line results with their content

This is not for content marketers looking for cheap hacks or for those chasing vanity metrics.

Technical content marketing is the real deal—empowering you to turn your company into a media organization whose informational and educational content brings in hot leads and closes sales.

  • Know in advance that the content strategy you develop will work—no more guessing about whether a project has potential.
  • Learn a start-to-finish approach to content marketing that emphasizes deep research and thorough distribution planning—not spaghetti-on-the-wall publishing.
  • Acquire the skills to get a content program off the ground or turn an existing program into a first-class content operation.

27h 50min of videos & study material

This content marketing training program is designed to give you advanced level skills in content marketing. You get 27h 50min of video courses.

All of our instructors are hand-picked, and carefully vetted. Our approach is straightforward – every instructor needs to be the absolute best in the world at what they do.

Show off your hard-earned skills and strengthen your profile

LinkedIn found that people who add credentials to their profile receive 6x more profile views than those who don’t.

Add your certificates to your profile, share your accomplishments with the world, and join our alumni network.

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ConversionXL - Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

ConversionXL - Technical Content Marketing Minidegree

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