David Tian – Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

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Master the skill of being fully aware in the present moment, while acknowledging thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they happen… without blanking, numbing, denying, or fleeing from them.


David Tian – Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

David Tian - Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

Check it out: David Tian – Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

Emotional Mastery: A step-by-step system to transform, regulate, and control your emotions… so that you can master yourself, your interactions with others, and your relationships… and live a life worth living.

What if you could…
Stop being overwhelmed by your emotions… and start harnessing their power to feel more confidence, calm, and courage each day?
Stop being confused by what you’re feeling… and start accessing a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you?
Stop being controlled by your emotions… and start mastering your emotions instead, so you can experience the life you really want?
Stop reacting to everyone else… and start influencing others, whether on your dates, in your relationship, or at work?
Present Awareness

Master the skill of being fully aware in the present moment, while acknowledging thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they happen… without blanking, numbing, denying, or fleeing from them.

Discover the power of your presence through 9 Modules completely devoted to growing your self-awareness, even in challenging circumstances
Learn to become fully aware of what you’re feeling in the present and acknowledge thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they happen
Develop total self-awareness in the present moment, without needing to escape, flee, distract, numb, blank, or rely on any other coping mechanisms
Emotion Endurance
Train your resilience to endure whatever emotions come up, no matter how painful they seem in the present… so that you can persevere long enough to breakthrough to the next levels in your life.

Develop unshakeable emotional resilience through our 14 Modules dedicated to increasing your threshold of tolerance for any emotions, no matter how painful or uncomfortable
Discover how to cope during any crisis, especially when it feels impossible to change
Explore the power of radical acceptance, instead of being shackled by the weight of toxic shame
14-Module Series on Emotion ENDURANCE

20-Module Series on Emotion TITRATION

Emotion Titration

Master the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of your emotions at will. Control your emotions so that they do not control you, your thoughts, or your behaviors.

Discover how to transform any unwanted emotions and trigger any desired emotions
Train your ability to reduce the intensity of overwhelming emotions… or steer your emotions in one direction or another… all at will
How to build a life filled with the emotions you want
Interpersonal Influence
Experience the power to influence the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of others in a natural and authentic way

How to control exactly how confident you feel in challenging situations
Become confident and emotionally skilled enough to speak up for yourself — at work, at home, in social settings, or anywhere
Know how to assert yourself and set boundaries in a healthy, mature, and effective manner
8-Module Series on Interpersonal INFLUENCE

Plus, new meditations added every week!

Unlock Your Mind Through Meditation
Use the simple and ancient practice of meditation to consistently feel more energy, self-confidence, and happiness.

Meditation is an integral practice for emotional mastery. So every week, new meditations will be added for you to deepen your understanding of yourself, others, and reality.

Emotional Mastery is a step-by-step system that integrates the best of evidence-based psychotherapy practices like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Internal Family System Therapy (IFS), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and other empirically-verified methods. Over the course of multiple years — as long as you stay with us — you’ll be guided through each step of the process, as the program grows with you.

It took me years of work, research, training, and sheer trial-and-error to discover and develop these 4 deep, inner skills of emotional mastery… as well as all the advanced emotional mastery skills that will only be revealed to you further into the program.

Yes, skills. Because emotional mastery can be taught, practiced, and mastered.

How come nobody talks about this? The short answer, I think, is: It doesn’t sell. Most people are just looking for quick fixes, hacks, cheats, etc.

But the select few don’t want to just focus on short-term tactics or band-aid fixes… because they realize the hacks and cheats won’t solve their problems. Are you sick and tired of:

Still struggling with the same overwhelming emotions over and over for years?
Having trouble setting or asserting boundaries?
Feeling “stuck” in life so much that it seems no matter what you do, you just keep going in circles?
Emotional mastery changes everything — it opens up a completely different dimension in life. In fact, instead of just dealing with those problems…

… you’ll discover that you can use emotional mastery to…

Become mentally and emotionally resilient, no matter what challenges life throws your way
Learn how to transform “stress” into “calm”
Be confident and courageous in the face of any emotional storms, whether inside you or from anyone else
Through the Emotional Mastery program, you’ll experience all this and much more.

This is an active and practical program where I’ll reveal exactly how to integrate all the skills into your daily life. You’ll get specific exercises every step of the way. They are practical, easy to apply, and extremely powerful. Do these, and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can transform.

You’ll love learning about yourself and your emotions, recognizing the patterns, then practicing to change them. Sure, it’s work — but it’s amazing to watch yourself transform from the inside out.

In Emotional Mastery, I collected the very best frameworks and methodologies and improved on them to make them more practical and easily understood.

Don’t worry about falling behind — each module is distilled down to just the “bite-sized” essentials and includes plenty of exercises.

Emotional Mastery is a condensed, guided, transformational program that will show you how to develop deep emotional mastery and the psychological resilience that goes with it. It will require no more than an hour or two a week. You can follow along on our handy mobile app or access it through our beautifully organized membership site — whatever’s easiest for you.

I created Emotional Mastery as your “secret super power” to improve your presence, increase your emotional endurance, develop your emotional control, and expand your influence over others in your life. You don’t have to tell anyone you joined the program. They’ll just notice your quiet confidence, your profound clarity, the new way you carry yourself, and — when times get “stressful” — how calm you are.

Nobody can ever take these away from you.

Let’s take this journey together.

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David Tian - Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

David Tian - Emotional Mastery Annual Plan

$60.00$199.00 (-70%)

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