Flux Academy – The 10k Website Process

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The $10K Website Process is the exact method I’ve built up from 17 years of experience as a web designer, and applying what works to generate over $200,000 in yearly revenue from web design projects.


Flux Academy – The $10k Website Process

Flux Academy - The $10k Website Process

Check it out: Flux Academy – The $10k Website Process

Master The Art of Designing Websites That Demand High Prices oes this sound like you?

You can spot an amazing website when you see one, but you have a hard time creating that kind of work on your own.

You don’t feel like you have what it takes to create websites you could confidently charge high prices for.

You cringe every time you face a blank canvas, and can’t break up with templates and comparing yourself to other designers.

You dread client calls because you struggle to justify your rates, communicate your value, and explain why clients should hire you.

You want to master all that goes into creating stunning websites, but there’s just not enough time to go through all the design blogs out there and read the Everest-sized pile of design books on your nightstand.

You feel stuck with micro-managing clients that want you to do exactly as they say, inevitably leading to average designs.

And above all, you want to create awesome work that moves the needle for your clients – and gets you paid accordingly.


I’ve bottled up my battle-tested, step-by-step process to plan, design, and deliver beautiful, high-value websites.

The $10K Website Process is the exact method I’ve built up from 17 years of experience as a web designer, and applying what works to generate over $200,000 in yearly revenue from web design projects.

After this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Hold strategy sessions with your clients
  • Strategically design beautiful websites
  • Tell compelling stories with your designs
  • Position yourself as a high-value expert
  • Lead design, content, and development in your projects
  • Confidently work with $10K clients
  • Deliver delightful user experiences through your websites
  • Ditch the template and own your craft with unique layouts and bold visuals

It’s design school, minus 4 years

Plus practical knowledge and insights from real life projects

The $10K Website Process course includes 66 videos (over 12 hours of video content!) that SHOW you exactly how I design beautiful, strategic websites for my clients.

This isn’t a compilation of design tips or inspiration websites for you to borrow ideas from. You can find that anywhere.

I’m going deeper and giving you a comprehensive look into the exact process, best practices, and methodologies I use to design $10K (and 20k and 30K) websites in my own business.

What you will learn

Everything you need to succeed

Module 01

How to Design a $10k Website

Discover the exact process, and mindset necessary to build high value websites.

Module 02

Defining a Winning Strategy

How to run a strategy session with your clients to clarify and align on the website goals.

Module 03

Telling A Compelling Story

How to turn your client goals into content that will keep visitors engaged.

Module 04

Structuring Your Website Usefully

Apply UX best practices to structure your content and guide visitors towards goals.

Module 05

Making The Website Beautiful & Memorable

Master design fundamentals such as color, type, layout and image-making to create visual impact with your designs.

Module 06

Developing a World-class Website

Manage the development process to ensure that the website ends up looking and preforms as you envisioned.

Module 07

Working with $10k Clients

Sell high value websites and manage client relationships & expectations during the project.

Course Curriculum

How to Design a $10k Website

  • Welcome & how to make the best of this course (6:04)
  • Do people actually pay $10k+ for a website? (11:51)
  • Having the right mindset for success (4:33)
  • The $10k process overview (4:47)

Defining a Winning Strategy

  • The purpose of strategy (5:45)
  • Brand strategy VS Website strategy (6:22)
  • Deciding on Website Goals (12:12)
  • Conducting Market Research (8:26)
  • Discussing content (5:35)
  • Aligning on the visual direction (6:40)
  • How to conduct the strategy session (6:42)
  • Defining content architecture (The Site Map) (9:09)
  • Strategy outcomes: content architecture, project timeline & final cost (3:56)
  • Real client strategy example (3:44)

Telling A Compelling Story

  • Helping your clients understand their story (26:45)
  • The 15 seconds rule (5:20)
  • Tips for Writing Website Copy Yourself (6:25)
  • Working with a content writer (5:13)
  • What’s your call to action (1:32)
  • Getting Texts & Images from clients (3:51)

Structuring Your Website Usefully (The Wireframes)

  • The Process: from low fidelity to high fidelity wire-frames (7:07)
  • Which wireframing tool should you use? (5:38)
  • When & how to use a UI kit (9:47)
  • Avoiding common UX mistakes (8:02)
  • Understanding Best Practices (12:18)
  • How to design a good navigation (10:17)
  • How to make the home page awesome (5:29)
  • Planning for mobile responsiveness (16:52)
  • Usability Testing (without a huge budget) (5:42)
  • Real Client Wireframes Example (3:36)

Making The Website Beautiful & Memorable

  • The Process: Building a coherent design language (7:14)
  • What tools to use when designing the website (10:36)
  • Visual Communication Fundamentals (11:03)
  • Creating Memorable Visuals (13:43)
  • How to Use Color Effectively (11:40)
  • Using Type: Choosing the right fonts and using them correctly (21:16)
  • Creating a good Layout – making and breaking the grid (15:05)
  • Working with other creatives (16:17)
  • Working with Photography (19:40)
  • Using Icons (7:18)
  • How to use interaction & motion to add value and delight (8:26)
  • Avoiding common UI mistakes (4:02)
  • Breaking out of the boring template look (4:43)
  • Putting it all together – real client examples (7:58)

Developing a World-class Website

  • Managing the development process (12:55)
  • Exporting & Optimizing assets (11:27)
  • Working with a Developer (7:43)
  • Building your website with Webflow (6:56)
  • Thoughts about website builders (Wix, Squarespace, WP page builders) (3:25)
  • Staying up to date with Technology (3:28)
  • Helping your clients setup Analytics & SEO (8:42)
  • Launching the Website & Client CMS training (12:16)
  • Concluding the project (4:21)

Working with $10k Clients

  • Gaining Confidence (17:00)
  • Selling $10k Websites (27:23)
  • $10k Website Proposals (17:38)
  • Managing Client Relationships During The Project (16:34)
  • Managing Revisions & Feedback (8:55)
  • Supporting Clients Post-Launch (8:24)
  • Managing Multiple Projects (9:58)


  • Join Our Private Community (0:45)
  • How To Design a Winning Portfolio Website (34:17)
  • Templates & Docs (0:43)
  • Student Work Review (Part 1) (22:16)
  • Close Amazing Clients (Webinar Recording) (91:49)

Conclusion and What’s Next

  • Final Thoughts (1:12)

Bonuses to take it to the next level

Bonus 01

Access To Private Community

Hang out with other designers working to improve their craft and master The $10K Website Process. Our private FB group is your space to exchange insights, feedback, and design critiques with peers and expand your network for referrals and collaborations.

Bonus 02

Templates for Proposals & Presentations

Ready-to-use templates you can use for your next web design project to nail your project proposal and present your work confidently.

Bonus 03

Exclusive Training: Finding Clients

“Who pays $10K for a website?”, you ask. In this 60-minute video training, I’ll tell you not only who, but also where to find these clients and close projects with them.

Bonus 04

Exclusive Training: The Perfect Portfolio

A 60-minute video training with the direction you need to create an impactful portfolio that helps you attract amazing clients and land exciting projects.

Bonus 05

Design Critique Vault

Get access to video recordings of all the website reviews I deliver to students of The $10K Website Process. Learn from my feedback and by watching the process in action.

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Flux Academy - The $10k Website Process

Flux Academy - The 10k Website Process

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