Frank Kern – Promotional Strategies Class

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The Frank Kern Promotional Strategies Class highlighted what Frank has learned from some of his latest highly successful internet marketing promotions he has done.


Frank Kern – Promotional Strategies Class

Frank Kern - Promotional Strategies Class

Check it out: Frank Kern – Promotional Strategies Class

Which of these lessons from the mind of world famous internet marketing expert Frank Kern will prove to be the most valuable to you?


If you like seeing what works in internet marketing based on someone who is doing, rather than just talking about doing, you’re going to love what you see here.

The Frank Kern Promotional Strategies Class highlighted what Frank has learned from some of his latest highly successful internet marketing promotions he has done.

Here are two of the most important lessons he passed down in this training…


1. The Lie You Need To Stop Believing

One of the biggest lies people wanting to be successful marketing online buy into is that if you have a big list that you’ve built off of launches, JV’s and what not, that you’re set.

What most people don’t talk about is the fact that you’re golden for all of about 40 days.

After this the responsiveness of that list starts declining.

One of the reasons this happens in this niche is that these customers are on a shit-ton of lists so they’re seeing a ton of similar offers so nothing really stands out in their minds.

Second, people mostly opt in to the list to get some free shit.

This leads to good results but not great and this is why this isn’t the most fertile ground for your business to grow.

Frank Kern has proved to himself through measuring his results that these joint venture launch lists ARE NOT the best lists to pursue.

The most desirable place to grow your list is through paid advertising.

And what Frank has found is that the internet marketing buyers freak out about having to spend money on campaigns, yet they’re totally willing to go out and buy the next $2,000 “Getting Traffic” product that gets launched.

But ask them to spend $100 bucks on Facebook ads and they’ll look at you like you asked them to light that $100 bill on fire.

1st Reason You Want To Use Paid Ads:

There’s a slim chance of these people being on everyone else’s list.

Think about it. These people wouldn’t click on your ad if they were already getting emails about your new product from other internet marketers. (Side Note: See what Frank Kern says here about selling other people’s stuff to your list)

This means you potentially get to be one of the first in line and the first person to enlighten someone usually gets a special place in a buyer’s heart.

2nd Reason You Want To Use Paid Ads:

People have taken a series of actions to get to you.

So say with a Facebook ad, this person had to get out of Facebook mode, click, see your landing page, read/watch, enter their info, re-confirm on double opt in lists (he says he uses this even though Eben Pagan and Ryan Deiss don’t), and this equals quite a bit of shit people have to do to get on your list..

The best open rates Frank Kern has ever had have come off lists he built off of PAID ADVERTISING.

He gets more clicks from these smaller lists than the ginormous list he built for free with joint ventures.

He believes the reason this is so is because people who went the “Paid” route are highly motivated evidenced by all the hoops they’re willing to jump through in order to even be able to see the email.

They feel like the email is their reward for the work they did so it’d be dumb not to open it.

And oh yeah, he favors Facebook because he says Google has turned into assholes when it comes to buying paid traffic from them.

If you can’t sell what you’re selling with paid traffic, you’re doing something wrong.

When you’re able to buy traffic and convert that traffic at a profit, it’s game over. Your money worries are over.

2. Your Subject Line Is God – Everything Hinges On It

If your subject line doesn’t cause a person to click, they’ll never see the body copy of your email.

If they never see the body copy, they’ll never see your landing page.

If they never see your offer, they’ll never give you money.

If your subject line doesn’t work, nothing else will and you may as well not even built the list.

Frank Kern shows his Aweber stats to confirm in your mind that his paid traffic is getting the highest open rates of all of his little segmented lists he has.

The subject line “DAMMIT! (lol)” to his paid list had 43.7% open rate. He thinks this might be the best he’s ever gotten.

Why does Frank believe these subject lines pulled so well?

Well, for people who don’t live in their inbox, they’re checking email a lot less and they’re doing so with people they’re friends with so they’re trading dirty jokes, pictures or just talking shit to each other.

This subject line meets them in this mode.


You want to be conscious of the mindset people are in, within the media you’re meeting them in.

Another reason this works is that people are drawn to drama and disaster in other people’s lives.

Think about how people rubber neck a car accident, how bad news sells in the press and how popular the show America’s Funniest Home is where the winning clips usually involve someone getting their testicles, face, or ass slammed.

We’re addicted to witnessing other people’s mishaps.

Use this strategy. Just don’t make it old and stale because you used it too much. Think sprinkling vs. hosing.


So there you have it.

Two of the top lessons to be had from the internet marketing legend Frank Kern on how to maximize your selling impact online.

May they serve you well.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2

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Frank Kern - Promotional Strategies Class

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