Frank Kern – Rainmaker Certification

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Rainmaker School is a 12 week certification program that teaches you how to CREATE MONEY for businesses …whether you want to do it in your own business or as a “hired gun.”


Frank Kern – Rainmaker Certification

Frank Kern - Rainmaker Certification

Check it out: Frank Kern – Rainmaker Certification

Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise Is Delusional.

It’s great to have a brand.
And it’s great to have a list, an audience, a following, an excellent product, and all that …

But What Good Is It If You’re Not Making Money?

And here’s the thing:
The overwhelming majority of businesses (including yours) are probably leaving giant gobs of money on the table.
Like …fortunes.
The reason why is two-fold.
Either …

A: They’re making money in spite of bad (or nonexistent) marketing. This is super common. I could “name names” here but what’s the point? We’ve both seen it happen.

B: They’re relying on ONE THING to bring in revenue.
Like only using Facebook or only using Google ads or only using affiliates.
And listen …I’ve been “guilty” of both of those “sins” myself in the past. Have the scars to prove it.
Which is why I can tell you with 1000% confidence that businesses like the ones I just described?
Well, it’s only a short matter of time before …


A competitor could disrupt everything with some solid marketing and BOOM …there goes their steady stream of money.
Or Facebook could shut them down and BAM – the business comes to a grinding halt.
…Or there could be another “2020” and they’re waking up to a whole new world where everything changed overnight and they have no clue what to do.
It could happen in a heartbeat to any business who doesn’t have the tools and skills to make themselves IMMUNE these scenarios.
Yes. Even yours.
Which is why …


A Rainmaker is someone who can bring in revenue, FAST.
…For any real business whether it’s a client’s business or your own.
(A real business is one that’s already got a presence in the market and is already getting sales. This is much harder to do for startups.)
Anyway …
You’re not a coach.
You’re not a consultant.
You’re not an “agency”.

You’re A Fucking

The Cavalry.
The Special Forces team who comes in and saves the day.

Because YOU Can Do What Most People Can’t.

You can make the cash register ring.
And then you can making it keep ringing consistently by using tools and skills that the rest of the world simply doesn’t have.
…And you can make this happen FAST.
And that’s what makes you so valuable.


…And businesses (maybe even yours) keep endlessly searching for, hiring, and ultimately firing people who are “digital marketing experts” that can’t bring in money.
There’s a ton of people out there who are “certified” in all manner of things.
Social Media, Content Marketing, CRM Experts, the list goes on.
Hell, there’s one company that’s certified over 165,000 people as “digital marketing professionals” …so obviously there’s no shortage of “experts”.
But there’s a big difference in knowing a bunch of lingo and being able to BRING IN COLD HARD CASH.
And that’s what sets you apart:

You Have An Unshakable Ability To Create Money.

After all, that’s why you’re here …right?
You want to generate more money. Whether it’s for your own business or as a hired gun …you’re here for the money.
You’ve got sense enough to realize that a “certification” by itself is worth about as much as the paper it’s printed on.
…But the skills and tools that allow you to go into any business …in any industry …and engineer CONSISTENT CASH?


It’s a skill that will ALWAYS be in demand.
And the best part?
It can’t be taken from you. By anyone. EVER.
You can’t lose it.
And if you want it …


Rainmaker School is a 12 week certification program that teaches you how to CREATE MONEY for businesses …whether you want to do it in your own business or as a “hired gun.”

All of the training is done be me, personally, and you’ll be learning by DEMONSTRATION.
You’re not getting theory.
You’re seeing me CREATE MONEY as you ride along next to me in the “co-pilot’s seat.”
Everything is delivered online and you can access it from anything that’s connected to the Internet.
Plus, it’s up to date. I’m adding and updating the content constantly.
Because unlike many people in our industry …I ACTUALLY *DO* THIS STUFF personally. All day, every day. And I’ve been doing it since 1999.
So you’re getting 22 years of experience and expertise “transferred” from my brain to yours.
We’ll focus on three core areas:


At the beginning is this letter I told you that the overwhelming majority of businesses are leaving money on the table.
This is where we find that money and GET IT.
Whether you’re doing this for your business or you’re doing it for a client, you’re going to have a PROVEN PROCESS to do these things:
1. Find and deploy IMMEDIATE “tweaks” the business so that each customer spends more money. NOW.
You literally get a flowchart+checklist that’s specifically made for every different type of business and sales process on earth …and all you have to do is go through it, find the missing parts, and “plug them in”.
When you do, you’ll see IMMEDIATE RESULTS in the business …typically in the form of getting more cash from each new customer.
(And what business on the planet wouldn’t want that?)

2. Find and GET HIDDEN MONEY that’s been “forgotten” because of shiny object syndrome and distractions.

This ONE THING can make you (or your clients) a small fortune.

When I work with Private Clients, they pay me $40,000 for help. The main thing I do for them is this ONE thing.
See …usually, a business will have done something in the past that worked great …only to abandon it for some shiny new “tactic” or some other such nonsense.
Or they’ll have something that worked …and then they quit doing it because they think it “stopped working” (when in reality, they don’t really know what happened and now they’re all over the place.)
As a RAINMAKER you have the unique ability to “see the forest through the trees” by using a proven TOOL that helps uncover “forgotten moneymakers” and RE-IGNITE THEM for nearly INSTANT results.
After having been at this for 22 years and counting (and working with over 82,000 paying customers) I can tell you one thing with unwavering confidence:
NOBODY is monetizing their audience right.
Literally NOBODY. (And I know this because almost every famous “Internet Entrepreneur” on the planet has me on speed dial.)
Anyway – you’re getting frameworks and templates for outbound marketing campaigns you can deploy to a list or audience NOW …as in TODAY …and start seeing sales.
You know what’s funny?
I literally just hung up the phone with someone who was recently on OPRAH and they were wanting to increase revenue in one of their current promotions.
I pulled up the EXACT CAMPAIGN TEMPLATES you’re getting and I actually DICTATED the promotion to their team over the phone.
You’d have thought I parted the Ocean or something because there were LOSING THEIR MINDS over how much more revenue this will bring in.
As a RAINMAKER, you’re getting my own personal arsenal …all organized perfectly so its easy to use and deploy, FAST.
For any business. Your own or a client’s.


One thing you’ll notice as a RAINMAKER is that most businesses do something that works amazingly well …and then they just STOP doing it.
Usually it’s because they get distracted or bored …or lured away by some shiny object.
I can relate because I’ve been there myself …which is why I know this phase is so incredibly important.
What you’re going to discover is how to make it IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP THE MONEY.
Well – maybe not literally impossible but pretty damn close.
Here’s what I mean.
You know all the stuff you’ll do in phase one?
The stuff that gets money NOW?
Well, it’s not meant to be a “short term fix”.
It’s meant to keep working FOREVER.
Which is why you’ll discover how to AUTOMATE everything that’s working so it will be physically IMPOSSIBLE for the business to stop doing it.
As long as the business doesn’t “turn the machine off” and stop getting traffic, it should continue to perform for YEARS (if not forever).
And don’t worry. You don’t need to do the tech stuff.
You’re getting the flowcharts, checklists, and blueprints for automating everything so you can just hand it over to a tech person and say “make it happen.”
And this is a big thing to remember.
That type of work? Doing the tech stuff? You can get someone to do it on sites like for less than minimum wage.
That’s not where the money is.
The money is knowing what to do and making sure it gets done.
Which is why I’ve made it mindlessly easy to do exactly that …and made it so you can “hand it over” to an outsourced person and have it set up fast.
And I’ve gone through the extra effort to do that because this step is so important.
In fact, without it …it’s impossible to move to …


We’ll do this with ads.
Specifically Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display ads.
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve tried ads before.
Maybe they worked and maybe they didn’t.
Most people struggle with them …or they lose money and give up.
Wanna know why?
Think about it this way.
Ads are like jet fuel.
Like …rocket fuel.
They can launch any business into the stratosphere …FAST.
Your business?
That’s like an engine.
Now listen closely.

This one sentence can end up saving you (and maybe even making you) a fortune:


But you see it happen every day.
People don’t have their “engine” running right …and they go out and buy the best rocket fuel in the world …and they go nowhere.
So if you’re freaked out about ads, don’t be.
They’re easy when you’re “pouring gas into a good engine”.
And when you run ads the way I teach you in RAINMAKER School, you’ll be better at it than 99.99% of the people on this planet.
Because while most people will have you focus on “impressions” and “branding” and “views”, you’ll be focused on MONEY.
And this is a really important distinction.
Facebook, Instagram, and Google (YouTube, banners, etc) …they’re basically supercomputers.
If your “engine” is running right, you can start out with a really small campaign and “program” them to find you customers …and after a while, they will!
I’ve got one ad I’ve been running for damn near a SOLID YEAR that’s been cranking out profit every day.
Ads don’t need to be complicated or intimidating.
And when you’re a RAINMAKER, you’ll master them. Fast.
Because you literally look over my shoulder as I build winning campaigns from scratch.
Plus you’ll see how to stop “bad ads” in their tracks so you don’t lose money.
And the coolest part?
You’ll be able to AUTOMATE it.
And to make SURE this works for you, you’re also getting …

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Frank Kern - Rainmaker Certification

Frank Kern - Rainmaker Certification

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