Greenstone Lobo – 16 Planet Scientific Astrology – Level 1

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See the videos Now & Take an informed decision. Understand how the gist of 30yrs of research in Astrology will benefit you and how easy will it be to learn.


Greenstone Lobo – 16 Planet Scientific Astrology – Level 1

Greenstone Lobo - 16 Planet Scientific Astrology - Level 1

Check it out: Greenstone Lobo – 16 Planet Scientific Astrology – Level 1


16 Planet Scientific Astrology

The Easiest, Fastest and Simplest Way to Learn Astrology

Is this the most complete astrology course I can do?

What do Planets like Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron mean in my life?

Planet-X & Planet-Y! Are they really Planets?

Should I / Can I do this course?

What will I get from this course?


See the videos Now & Take an informed decision. Understand how the gist of 30yrs of research in Astrology will benefit you and how easy will it be to learn.

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Why 16 Planet Astrology?

Learn Astrology in 7 days
At your own pace, schedule & from anywhere
Systematic predesigned videos, notes, exercises & assessments
Bite sized drip contents from basics to advanced
1 Year unlimited replays & revisions
Monthly post-program webinar support
Without spending years on research
Without learning complex calculations
Without confusing complicated concepts
Without a personal guide or a guru
With the ‘Unravel’ ColorCode(TM) Technique

Course Curriculum

Lets get started
  • Get your horoscope done(3:33)
  • How does it work?(4:50)
Astrology – The basics
  • What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?(7:28)
  • Aries(4:37)
  • Taurus(3:56)
  • Gemini(5:08)
  • Cancer(6:08)
  • Leo(7:09)
  • Virgo(7:11)
  • Libra(10:51)
  • Scorpio(12:39)
  • Sagittarius(12:56)
  • Capricorn(9:56)
  • Aquarius(11:47)
  • Pisces(17:34)
The Houses
  • Before we start with the houses(1:56)
  • The First House(6:44)
  • The Second House(3:44)
  • The Third House(6:20)
  • The Negative houses(4:43)
  • The Third House – Negative(5:09)
  • The Fourth House(4:30)
  • The Fifth House(11:51)
  • The Fifth House – Negatives(5:26)
  • The Sixth House(9:56)
  • Sixth House Negative(9:06)
  • The Seventh House(10:17)
  • Seventh House – Negatives(9:10)
  • The Eighth House(15:54)
  • Eighth House – Negative(13:55)
  • Ninth House(14:31)Tenth House(11:31)
  • Eleventh(9:22)
  • Twelfth(12:33)
  • Twelfth – Negative(13:54)
The Planets
  • Mercury(7:52)
  • Venus(5:39)
  • Mars(3:41)
  • Jupiter(4:37)
  • Saturn(3:10)
  • Chiron(5:28)
  • Planet-Z(7:42)
  • Planet-X(6:17)
  • Planet-Y(8:30)
  • Uranus(6:36)
  • Neptune(15:05)
  • Pluto(25:35)
  • Sun(11:21)
  • Moon(4:59)
  • Rahu(7:27)Ketu(4:01)
Some Concepts You Should Know
  • New Moon, Full Moon & No Moon (Amavasya)(26:17)
  • Own/ Fall/ Exaltation/ Debilitation houses(16:34)
  • OFED – Another Look(6:18)
  • Greatest Secret of Astrology(15:42)
  • Deepest Exaltation Points(23:52)
  • Early Rays of Exaltation(5:31)
  • Power Hierarchy of Planets(20:02)
  • Conjunction of Planets(17:52)
  • The Ascendant(7:07)
  • State of a Planet(11:19)
Before you start reading the chart…
  • Who moved my Planets?(6:27)
  • Limitless Possibilities(22:53)
Reading the Birth Chart
  • Gauging a Planet(14:00)
  • Career Indicators of Planets if in 1st & 10th Houses(14:51)
  • Manifestations(9:51)
  • Which house manifestation?(6:26)
  • Negative Houses & Planets(12:06)
  • Spotting the Negative Houses(9:23)
  • Decoding the Colour Codes in Software(10:04)
  • Steps to Decipher a Birth Chart(6:51)
  • Dont’s while Reading a Birth Chart(16:25)
  • Some Pointers(8:00)
  • Myth or Truth(17:10)
  • How come Twins have different lives?(7:09)
  • Does Retrogression of Planets matter?(5:48)
  • What is Combustion & how does it impact?(4:13)
  • What is Manglik and what does it do?(15:07)
Tools to help deciphering the horoscope
  • Cheat Sheet(3:03)
Practise Horoscopes Set 1
  • Let the Game Begin….(3:37)
  • Shah Rukh Khan(24:31)
  • Common Man – Raja(20:00)
  • Common Man – Vignesh(12:41)
  • Dhirubhai Ambani(31:41)
Practise Charts – Set 2
  • Sachin Tendulkar – Part 1(24:16)
  • Sachin Tendulkar – Part 2(20:21)
  • Common Man – Sudhir(13:26)
  • Common Lady – Malini(19:34)
  • Mother Teresa(16:59)
Practise Charts – Set 3
  • Sridevi(21:54)
  • Common Man – Arjun(13:52)
  • Diana(17:59)
  • Common Lady – Shruti(16:27)
Practise Charts – Set 4
  • Donald Trump(14:15)
  • Common Man – Mr. Singh(11:56)
  • Harshad Mehta(12:25)
  • Common Man – Abel(13:48)
Practise Charts – Set 5
  • Grace Kelly(13:51)
  • Common Person – Rohini(11:54)
  • Steve Jobs(11:38)
  • Common Person – Guru(11:48)
Practise Charts – Set 6
  • Bal Thackeray(17:32)
  • Common Man – Vikas(14:26)
  • Common Person – Parvati(14:35)
  • Guess this Celebrity – no 1(17:45)
Practise Charts – Set 7
  • Narendra Modi(14:29)
  • Common Person Kavitha(14:21)
  • Common Person Mani(11:34)
  • Guess this Celebrity – No 2(18:41)
Practise Charts – Set 8
  • Common Man – Fernandes(19:27)
  • Marilyn Monroe(18:08)
  • Common person Anamika(21:31)
  • Mahatma Gandhi(27:07)
Practise Charts – Set 9
  • Common Man – Aryan(11:14)
  • SP Balasubrahmanyam(21:26)
  • Luv & Kush(26:19)
  • Deepika Padukone(19:12)
Practise Charts – Set 10
  • Common Person – Yasmin(12:43)
  • Common Person – Selvi(15:41)
  • Marlon Brando(25:59)
  • Amitabh Bachchan – Part 1(20:16)
  • Amitabh Bachchan – Part 2(27:10)
Correct terminology while deciphering charts – Part 1
  • Final Lap(2:30)
  • Model Astrological Analysis of a horoscope
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 1
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 2
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 3
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 4
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 5
Correct terminology while deciphering charts – Part 2
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 6
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 7
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 8
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 9
  • Write an astrological analysis – Horoscope 10
End note
  • Journey Starts….Now!(21:32)

Hi, I’m Greenstone Lobo

When I started doing astrology in 1986 it was all hazy and confusing. So many theories so many complexities, so many authors, so many methodologies and so many schools of thought. I couldn’t differentiate which one was right and which one isn’t. There was this additional problem – there was no systematic compilation of astrology theories starting from basics to advanced.

After spending about 10 years of futile explorations, I finally decided to do my own research and figure out my own way of doing things. One of the things baffled me was that both the forms of astrology used lesser variables to explain too many things. Whenever an author couldn’t explain certain things with the existing methods, he resorted to his own way of explaining things and that only added to the complexities and was still not filling in the lacuna.

Talking about one simple thing – there are 12 Zodiac signs but there are only 8 planets (from earth’s perspective) to explain stuff. In India we use planets only till Saturn and that is just five planets and we consider luminaries Sun and Moon as planets. The Western astrology uses four more bodies – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron but then that adds up to only 9 planets in total and 3 were still missing. I went about systematically searching those missing links in astrology and after a decade of search on NASA’s websites, I found them in the Centaur belt between Saturn and Uranus. I call these bodies as Planet-X, Planet-Y and Planet-Z. This is just one of the various complications that I have resolved. It has been 25+ years now and I have created a methodology which is a curated version of the Indian and the western methods of astrology. As I’m using more variables, there is lesser complexity and things are clearer.

So, how can you be sure that this is the correct version and this is the right way to do Astrology? As they say, the proof of the pudding is in eating. I have done many published predictions on the most improbable events to test this theory and to ensure that this is the right way to do it. I have perfected the system over many years and can say with confidence that there is no other better system which can as accurately predict both public and personal events. I have made it simpler to learn and apply it by creating a unique ‘colour code’ system. The software applies all the theories and gives the output to the student who just now needs to read the colour code and deciphering a chartbecomes simple and duplicable without the need to learn complex theories herself.

I do not want any future student of astrology to go through what I have been through. I don’t want any more person to reinvent the wheel and spend 35+ years of their lives in research. If anyone wants to learn astrology they should do it in the simplest way possible. This is probably the best reason why I bought this program to you.

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Greenstone Lobo - 16 Planet Scientific Astrology - Level 1

Greenstone Lobo - 16 Planet Scientific Astrology - Level 1

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