Jay Cataldo – The NYC Quick Start Workshop

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One of the things I’m best known for is getting RESULTS for my clients. Over the last eight years, I’ve been coaching people worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds.


Jay Cataldo – The NYC Quick Start Workshop

Jay Cataldo - The NYC Quick Start Workshop

Check it out: Jay Cataldo – The NYC Quick Start Workshop

Are You Ready To Learn The Secrets
Of Hypnotic Orgasms?

The “NYC Quick Start Workshop Videos” Will Teach You The Easiest & Most Effective Hypnosis System Ever Invented, Along With The REAL Secrets Of The Fabled “No-Touch Hypnotic Orgasm”

What’s This All About?

I just wrapped up an incredible “Quick Start” Workshop in NYC (which was focused on bedroom applications of hypnosis) and captured all the action on high-definition video. As you watch these videos, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the room with us, as you learn how to hypnotize others with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in all situations (parties, on the street, etc). After you finish watching, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Drop 90% of the population into a Powerfully Deep Trance
  • Generate hypnotic trance effects (Arm Levitation, Frozen Body, etc)
  • Produce Hypnotic Orgasms on command (yes, they’re real!)
  • Utilize hypnotic “therapy” techniques to help people Overcome Stubborn Challenges
  • Make others feel better than they’ve ever felt before

What Makes This Workshop Different?

One of the things I’m best known for is getting RESULTS for my clients. Over the last eight years, I’ve been coaching people worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to break down difficult-to-grasp concepts and make them super-simple.

If you’ve purchased the Learn Hypnosis Fast “Quick Start Course,” then you know how quickly I get new hypnotists up to speed by leaving out all the fluff and focusing ONLY on what really matters in the real world. And this class is designed to get you up to speed Even Faster.

My primary goal was to have the students integrate the skill-set needed to hypnotize complete strangers with absolute confidence. And if you weren’t able to attend the workshop, this is the next best thing because you’re about to learn everything I taught to the workshop participants. You’ll be able to follow along as I perform a variety of hypnotic effects (along with my famous “hypnotic orgasm” technique) on our beautiful demo subjects. And afterwards, you’ll have everything you’ll need to walk up to a total stranger and drop them in a deep hypnotic trance like clockwork.

Who Are These Videos For?

Are you brand-new to the world of hypnosis? Fantastic. This is the perfect way for you to learn the fundamentals, without becoming overloaded with theory, useless jargon and ineffective techniques.

Have you had some training in the past or are currently a member of my online Mastermind Program? This workshop will help you become even more comfortable using your skills while teaching you powerful new hypnotic tools and strategies.

Are you an intermediate level hypnotist? You’ll also benefit from this training because I’ll be teaching some advanced techniques you might not have seen before (such as, Hypnotic Orgasms, Deep Rapport Secrets, My “No-Fail” Protocol, and much more…) which will help advance your skill-set and skyrocket your confidence level.

I cover almost everything I teach in my “7 Day Quick Start Home Study Course” but not all of it, so I would recommend that you purchase that course first, especially if you’re not familiar with my training material. You don’t NEED to, however. But after you become familiar with my material and teaching style, you’ll know for a fact that the quality of this workshop will be top notch.

Why Study With Me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jay Cataldo and I’m a seasoned peak-performance coach and an expert on personal change. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of self-help and I’ve been studying hypnosis since 1997. I’m also a certified master hypnosis trainer for the IACT.

I’ve helped clients, all over the world, overcome their biggest challenges — from losing over 200lbs to ending addictions to drugs and alcohol (if you want to read what my clients have said about me, go here: www.jaycataldo.com/client-reviews).

In addition to working with people 1-on-1, I recently launched the best hypnosis home study course on the market, designed to get beginner hypnotists up to speed FAST. Many of my students requested live training, as they felt it would help them acquire this skill-set even FASTER.

But beyond that, literally hundreds of men have been begging me to teach them the Secrets of Hypnotic Orgasms ever since I started my YouTube channel. I haven’t taught any of this material publicly before, but I decided to share all of my secrets in this workshop.

So, if you have even the slightest desire to learn this skill, then you’ll want to get your hands on this footage asap.

What Should I Expect?

This workshop was light on theory and heavy on technique. I taught only the Key Points needed to succeed while leaving out all the fluff and useless theory. Rest assured, you’re only getting the good stuff (along with some sneaky Jedi Mind Tricks).

I started off by explaining each technique and then demonstrating it so you can learn by watching. If you can find a practice buddy to work with, you can pause the videos and practice exactly what you just witnessed so you can learn by doing.

After the students finished practicing, I helped them make corrections until they were performing all of the steps perfectly. You’ll get to hear all of their questions, along with my helpful feedback.

This is by far the fastest way to learn these skills. After hypnotizing your practice buddy multiple times, you can expectthe skills to be fully integrated into your mind and body. Or if you’d rather just watch the videos all the way through a few times before practicing, that’s fine too.

And the best part is, you’ll be learning in a comfortable environment (i.e., the privacy of your ow home) as I break down each and every piece into easy-to-follow steps. If you’ve had trouble absorbing the information in other workshops, I guarantee you that everything will make PERFECT logical sense to you, this time around.

Get immediately download Jay Cataldo – The NYC Quick Start Workshop

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of the 3 Days of Training…

  • On Day 1, you’ll be learning all of the basic techniques I teach in my Quick Start Course to ensure that you have a solid foundation.
  • On Day 2, I jump right in to the Hypnotic Orgasm technique, and you’ll get to see me perform additional demonstrations with our beautiful demo subjects.
  • On Day 3, I did more demos, taught some advanced material, and gave away even more sexual hypnosis secrets that I have never taught publicly before. I also cover my full “Immaculate Perception Protocol” so you’ll never have to worry about “failing” or looking foolish in front of an audience.

I packed in as much awesome material as possible into these 3 days to make this workshop worth every penny, and then some. It is, hands down, the very best introductory training available anywhere.

What Exactly Will I Be Learning?

  • How to reliably drop anyone into a Deep Trance State
  • How to generate Hypnotic Phenomena (Frozen Body, Arm Levitation, etc.)
  • How to give off the vibe of an Expert Hypnotist
  • Many Powerful Induction Methods (the “Elman,” the “Instant-Drop,” the “Bamboozler,” the famous “Ice-Cream Induction,” etc.)
  • How to create Hypnotic Orgasms in your subjects (how to introduce the concept, how to build arousal and desire, how to elicit pleasure, how to set orgasmic triggers, etc.)
  • A foolproof way to Hypnotize Anyone and Everyone Without Fail
  • A full breakdown of my famous “How To Hypnotize With Your Phone” youtube series (you’ll learn exactly how to Set Up Hypnotic Triggers Using Your Cell Phone)
  • How to fire off orgasms with a text message
  • How to get your subject to trust you completely
  • How to make your subject Crave to be Hypnotized By You again and again
  • Covert ways to communicate with a subject’s subconscious mind
  • My advanced (and super sneaky) rapport techniques
  • How to properly use sexual innuendo and ambiguity to arouse your subjects
  • Hypnotic Orgasm troubleshooting steps (for when it doesn’t work)
  • How to make people think you’ve had years of hypnosis experience
  • A sneaky way to hypnotize others without ever mentioning the word “hypnosis”
  • How to make a woman enjoy pleasing you
  • How to perform many of the skits you’ve seen in my youtube videos
  • The FAIL-Proof “Immaculate Perception” Protocol so you’ll know exactly what to do when things don’t work
  • How to make people line up to be hypnotized by you
  • How to verify that someone is in a hypnotic trance
  • The proper way to touch a woman during sexual hypnosis
  • How to quickly gain a Deep Level of Rapport with your subjects
  • How to get your subjects to follow your every instruction and command
  • How to use hypnosis to Enhance Your Relationships
  • How to use eye contact to enhance a woman’s pleasure (during hypnosis sessions and while having sex)
  • How to overcome your fears of performing hypnosis publicly
  • What to do when your subject “resists” or analyzes too much
  • My erotic beach induction
  • How to perform “Instant Hypnotic Inductions”
  • How to help your subjects overcome stubborn problems and challenges
  • And much more…


Everyone who invests in the Platinum Package will receive the following 7 bonuses:

Bonus #1

“Private Orgasm Session w/ Julia” (Video)

($47 value)

This is a private orgasm session that I filmed with Julia. You’ll learn how to use the orgasm technique in a “therapeutic” context (i.e., when you are not intimate with the woman and need to be mindful of personal boundaries).

Bonus #2

“Private Orgasm Session w/ Maria” (Video)

($47 value)

This is a private orgasm session that I filmed with Maria. You’ll learn how to use the orgasm technique in a more “intimate” context (i.e., when the subject is your girlfriend/wife and you have free reign to make the session more erotic).

Bonus #3

“Post-Session Interview w/ Julia” (Video)

($47 value)

You’ll hear Julia share her thoughts about her session and explain how the Hypnotic Orgasm process has changed her life.

Bonus #4

“Post-Session Interview w/ Maria” (Video)

($47 value)

You’ll hear Maria explain how our session helped eliminate her negativity and boosted her confidence.

Bonus #5

“How To Hypnotize With Your Phone” – Unedited (Video)

($97 value)

This is the one everyone’s been waiting for. My “How To Hypnotize With Your Phone” series on YouTube has now received over 2,000,000 views. Over the past year, I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for the unedited session which shows exactly how I created all of the triggers. And now for the first time ever, you can finally get your hands on the unedited footage and learn how to get the exact same results yourself.

Bonus #6

“Private Webcam Orgasm Session w/Julia” (Video)

($47 value)

In this video, I show you some additional applications of hypnotic orgasms. You’ll get to see me trigger orgasms during a Skype session (i.e., a distance session) and incorporate them into a therapeutic hypnosis session.

Bonus #7

30min Coaching Call w/Jay

($160 value)

Get immediately download Jay Cataldo – The NYC Quick Start Workshop

After you finish watching the videos, I will personally hop on the phone with you to answer all of your questions and help you with any challenges you’re having. This won’t be a lame chat (or a sales pitch for additional services) but a personalized strategy session for getting you over your biggest hurdle at the moment (you have up to 4 months after purchasing the videos to schedule your session).

Learn These Secrets Today!

To put things in perspective, I charge a minimum of $5000 to train someone 1-on-1 and these students paid upwards of $1500 to attend this workshop (not including airfare, hotel, etc). So, right now, you have the opportunity to learn the same power-packed material at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of one of the most impressive hypnotic techniques ever discovered: the “No-Touch” Hypnotic Orgasm.

If you’ve ever imagined having the confidence and magnetic charisma of a hypnotist… to have beautiful women lining up for a chance to work with you (I’m not kidding… they literally scream “I’m next! Do me! Do me!”), then this might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. I highly recommend that you act now before you miss out.

One Last Thing…

These videos are for SERIOUS STUDENTS ONLY. If you really think you’ll be able to master these skills without putting in some practice time, then please go elsewhere. While these videos will give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to master the art of dropping people in deep states of trance and give the women in your life incredible pleasure, you must put the work in if you want to be proficient.

I don’t want any lazy students who will watch a few videos and then move on to something else. Because I want SERIOUS STUDENTS ONLY, these videos do NOT come with a money back guarantee.

Again, unlike with my other products, there will be no refunds on these training videos. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. So if you don’t know who I am, and are unaware of the quality of the products I put out, then go start with my Quick Start Home Study Course which is only $67 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Then when you’re ready to learn more, you can come back and study the workshop videos.

To your success as an expert-level hypnotist,

– Jay Cataldo
Professional Hypnotist, IACT Master Hypnosis Trainer and Success Coach

Disclaimer: Contrary to how the media portrays it, hypnosis requires a person’s full consent and cooperation. None of our products will help you influence another person against their will, nor is it possible to use these techniques for the purpose of manipulation. The people you’ll be working with must give their consent before and during the process, and they can easily rescind their consent at any time. Please see either our terms of use or our purchase agreement for additional information regarding this.

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Jay Cataldo - The NYC Quick Start Workshop

Jay Cataldo - The NYC Quick Start Workshop

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