Jefeliving – Sacred Spaces – Level 1 Facilitator Training

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This training is ideal for you whether you are already facilitating and wanting to expand, are new to facilitating or are wanting greater clarity, guidance and activation in your life’s purpose and work in the World.


Jefeliving – Sacred Spaces – Level 1 Facilitator Training

Jefeliving - Sacred Spaces - Level 1 Facilitator Training

Check it out: Jefeliving – Sacred Spaces –  Level 1 Facilitator Training


A 24-Day Online Training from the 12th February – 7th March 2022

This is an initiation to hold sacred space for groups and individuals, a training that empowers you as a facilitator of transformational experiences, circles, retreats, sessions, online programs and much more.

This training is ideal for you whether you are already facilitating and wanting to expand, are new to facilitating or are wanting greater clarity, guidance and activation in your life’s purpose and work in the World.

It is firstly a journey within, a dedicated space for you to learn and grow, to embody the sacredness of life and of your work, build confidence in your knowing, deepen your connection to Spirit and nature for greater alignment and guidance. On this training you will gain experience, tools and practices which are universal ancient keys essential in diverse spaces and settings which can support you to confidently create and hold empowering spaces for one and many.

In just a short time, by holding ceremonial space together, you can feel empowered to step beyond comforts and fears, share more your authentic voice, wisdom and gifts and find support to bring your greater visions and offerings into being for All Our Relations.

Our intention is for more facilitators to expand and hold heart space for positive change in peoples lives and in their communities. Together bringing greater unity and harmony amongst people, with the Earth and all of Creation.


  • Embody tools, practices, experience and skills for holding space and sessions
  • Overcome confusion, lack of confidence and limiting beliefs
  • Step more fully into want you are here to offer to the world
  • Build confidence, readiness and commitment to your offerings and gifts
  • Live in greater trust, freedom and abundance from your purpose work
  • Learn practices and techniques to hold effective and transformational space
  • Commune with Spirit and Nature gaining greater alignment and guidance for your life and work
  • Work more confidently with groups and individual dynamics
  • Activate your voice, explore sound medicine, sacred songs & mantras
  • Gain experience and trust in the process of co-creation and working with others
  • Overcome fears and enhance your authentic sharing and public speaking
  • Receive guidance to address and be prepared for challenges
  • Find greater alignment, momentum and dedication sharing abilities, and activate your voice


FOR YOU! If you are, or you desire to be a:

  • Facilitator of transformational experiences, events, retreats or online programs
  • Holistic practitioner
  • Women’s/men’s/co-ed circle facilitator
  • Confident Yoga, breathwork or other type of teacher
  • Ceremony holder /Shamanic practitioner
  • Community leader / event organiser
  • Working for yourself, running a successful fulfilling purposful business
  • Sound Healer /Medicine Musician
  • Redefining your work and world for greater alignment
  • Already working with individuals or groups and you are ready to expand



  • Opening Ceremony
  • Clarifying your vision / intention
  • Inner Alignment, growth and self-care for facilitators
  • Setting up sacred space
  • The fundamentals of opening and closing sacred space


  • Practicing facilitating and tools for holding space
  • Teachings from ancestral and ancient wisdom
  • The power of your voice, music and your unique gifts
  • Working with the elements: water, fire, earth, air
  • The practice of intention and prayer for facilitators and facilitation
  • Shamanic practices and ceremony supporting yourself and others
  • Holding womens/mens/co’ed circles
  • Holding online circles and programs
  • Tools for group dynamics, challenges


  • Personal Ceremony Nature Quest
  • Working with cacao and other heart opening plants
  • Creating your action plan, business plan
  • Guidance for thriving working for yourself and working with others
  • Collaborators and community
  • Integration tools and accountability
  • Closing ceremony


I’ve been working for many years now with nature, ancient wisdom and indigenous people around the world learning about essential forgotten practices that support greater harmony, personally, in our relationships and with the Earth.

Following my heart I founded Wild Wisdom Ka, an organisation working with indigenous elders and wisdomkeepers offering programs and retreats that support people to find greater inner peace, wholeness and life fulfilment through reunion with spirit, nature and ancestral wisdom and practices. I find much joy walking my heartfelt path, working as a facilitator of sacred spaces, holistic retreats, ceremonies, online courses and trainings internationally.

I worked in a fast pace city with corporations and innovation for some years, this helped me to see more clearly what is missing in our modern life. I returned to working independently and started facilitating meditation groups, women’s and co’ed circles, later developing into holding ceremonies, song circles, nature quests and successful group/private retreats and online programs. My personal experiences and continued training over more than 15 years with holistic practices and nature based and Indigenous wisdom enables me to be of support to many for their wellbeing, consciousness, personal and professional growth.

I began holding The Wisdomkeepers Facilitator Facilitator Trainings in 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. After a number of years, the call came to grow this into an online training enabling more people around the world to benefit and create greater impact. I am honoured to partner with Jeff Lester to offer The Sacred Spaces Online Training to empower our conscious evolution and bring harmony for the greatest good of all.

I am a student and teacher of yoga and practices that expands the human consciousness. I use the practice of yoga and other healing arts to work through personal adversities including healing childhood traumas and dysfunctional behavior patterns. Things that used to weigh down my soul are now my greatest gifts and the basis of my teachings. Grateful to be in the position to share my living wisdom and my effervescent energy, I travel around the world teaching workshops and courses that embrace and uplift communities of all types.

Having studied and trained all over the world in practices ranging from yoga and meditation to shamanic ceremonial traditions, I have assimilated a catalogue of impactful practices and techniques that bring people together with high vibrations and harmony. Since 2017, I have been facilitating at and leading yoga teacher trainings internationally. I have helped hundreds to become talented teachers and leaders in their space.


  • 3 Modules: Opening, Holding, Expanding
  • 5 LIVE Zoom Gatherings (Including ceremonies and practical teachings)
  • Weekly audio trainings and tutorials
  • Weekly wisdom video lessons
  • Weekly teachings, assignments and practices
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Group momentum and support via private platform
  • Circles and Ceremonies for deep connection and growth
  • One on one communication with Kirsty and/or Jeff
  • Access to international network of facilitators
  • Continued access to content shared during training
  • Sacred Space Facilitator Training Certificate of Completion


  • Guided Meditations and practices for alignment and ongoing use
  • 50% discount on private consulting session with Kirsty or Jeff



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Jefeliving - Sacred Spaces - Level 1 Facilitator Training

Jefeliving - Sacred Spaces - Level 1 Facilitator Training

$175.00$880.00 (-80%)

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