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When starting on Youtube for the first time, it can be very confusing, stressful, emotionally and draining. To top it off, it is hard to find all the information in one place, so that’s what these videos are all about!


Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy

Luke Fitzgerald - The Life Charms Academy

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Things have changed, and learning to live with uncertainty determines the quality of your life. You will learn how to take control of your life, not matter the external circumstances.
We were never really taught how to deal with money. We weren’t shown the energetics of it, and how to make it work for us in the best way. Here you will learn all about the energy of money and how you can make it work for you instead of you trading time for it.


We don’t think about it much, but the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships. Relationships show us things about ourselves that we could have never learned any other way. Here you will learn how to navigate it and how you can allow yourself to reach your full potential while helping others do the same.

This is WHY

In 18 months living in Bali we were able to feed thousands and give money to so many people. . . . and it’s not enough.
There are more people starving now than before, more people without money than before.
Food and money is not the problem. The problem is that people lacked the skills to create for themselves in a way that didn’t depend on everyone else.
This is why this Academy was created. It was created for all those who want to do, give and be more in life. For those who realize that they have the power within themselves to live the life the choose to.
And to never forget that this all started because of being in Bali. So this is for YOU and dedicated to the people of Bali, the place where my soul was transformed.


So excited to have you all here!! By the end of this course it is my hope that you will have everything you need to go out there and share your journey, experience and perspective with the world!! This is some of the most important things I have learned while vlogging the last 3 years that I wish I knew when I started out!! Hope you will enjoy it!
Course Curriculum
First Section
Welcome to Vlog Like A Charm (1:54)
Why You Should Vlog (5:58)
Storytelling (4:52)
Why Should They Care? (2:47)
Document over Create (4:43)
Camera Options (8:03)
Overshooting (3:01)
The Wide Angle Lens (3:36)
The 3 Angles (2:30)
The Vlogging Setup (4:28)
Vlogging in Public (3:21)
When TO Film and When NOT to Film (advice) (2:42)
Sharing Personal Life (3:37)
Do you even NEED a CAMERA? (3:30)
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The EDIT (2:39)
Copy Till you LEARN (1:39)
Your BRAND, Your TRIBE (3:10)
Youtube Advice (3:00)
Monetization (2:31)
Final Thoughts (4:37)
Bonus Content (9:13)

Youtube Content Accelerator!:

When starting on Youtube for the first time, it can be very confusing, stressful, emotionally and draining. To top it off, it is hard to find all the information in one place, so that’s what these videos are all about!
You will find out just about everything you need to know about how to start, manage, and create “timeless content” that will allow you to share your Story and Content Effectively!
I have been making Youtube content for the last 3 years and it is only now that I realize there were a lot of key strategies that worked, and what didn’t work. In these videos I will explain the practices that have allowed me to start, manage and run a Youtube Channel without becoming too overwhelmed.
By the end of the course you will have the knowledge of what to do and more importantly what NOT to do to run a your Youtube Channel smoothly, effectively and how to have fun while doing it.
See you on the inside.
Course Curriculum
Youtube Content Accelerator!
Youtube Content Accelerator! (31:58)
Bonus Content #1 _Mistakes I made when Starting_ (6:10)
Bonus Content #2 – _Finding Your Tribe_ (4:19)
Bonus Content #3 – _The Best Youtube Advice I’ve Received_ (3:59)

Side Hustle Magic:

It would be really nice to make money doing my passion
I know it’s possible to pursue my passion full tim because I see other people doing it
I thought about trying but I’m not sure where to start
If I really thought I could make money doing this then I would have started a long time ago
If you have thought about any of these or would love to turn you passion into a side hustle then this is the Masterclass for you.
If you are struggling to find a passion or hobby, then this is NOT the class for you
This will be a 3-day online Live Masterclass workshop with me


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Why typical strategies are not needed to create your side hustle
Where to start when building a side hustle
How to allow you day job to fuel your side hustle
Why this works no matter how crazy the side hustle
Why your Intent is so important in this decision
Why burn-out won’t be a problem
Why speaking your Truth will only allow it to grow stronger
How to get past the block patterns that have stopped you from doing this before
How to start generating Income with your side passion
How to bring attention to your side hustle project
Best Platforms to use and Why
Why there is no right way to begin
and sooo much more. . . .

Cours Curriculum

Side Hustle Magic
Side Hustle Magic- Orientation Call (25:14)
Side Hustle Magic- Introduction (2:58)
Side Hustle Magic- Day 1 (94:10)
Side Hustle Magic- Day 2 (103:07)
Side Hustle Magic- Day 3 (108:01)
Side Hustle Magic- Day 4 (80:22)

Personal Branding Webinar:

This is a webinar on the power of a Personal Brand, how to start one, why you should have one, and how to get started creating one today!
Creating a person brand is so important especially right now in the times we are living. Having a strong brand will also put you on the right path for creating something that will not only work when you are not working, but will bring you a sense of fulfillment if done the right way.
I have talked about this topic before and it’s importance, but felt like it was time to dive deeply into the topic, and you will see we even get into a little conversation about Content Creation for your personal brand. So enjoy and leave any questions you have below the video and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible 🙂 Enjoy!
Course Curriculum
First Section
Personal Branding Webinar (70:13)

The Magnetic Code:

Learn how to attract the people and things you want. By being who you authenticity areLearn why being a magnetic person is one of the most powerful things in life
Learn how I have used this to make connections and be a relatable person to all of “my people”
Learn how to attract your tribe of like minded thinkers, and people with a similar drive as you
Learn why having this momentum of like minded people is your true superpower
Course Curriculum
The Magnetic Code
Get immediately download Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy
Pre-Video (14:59)
Welcome Video (9:40)
V2 – What Is It & Why It Matters (11:50)
V3 – Where To Start (14:09)
V4 – The ‘F’ Word (17:28)
V5 – What, How, Say, Do (11:20)
V6 – Your Tribe (9:24)
V8 – It’s Your Turrn (13:59)
V7 – Attracting Your Tribe (10:45)

Project Alpha:

Have you been living your life in a certain way for a long time and decided it’s time to change?
Do you ever feel that life is a cycle that doesn’t allow you to grow?
If that’s the case, now is the time to start on your own journey.
Project Alpha is an excellent place to start upgrading your beliefs by understanding how your patterns are holding you back. It will enable you to bring out the best in yourself that has been hidden by doubts, fears, and uncertainty.
You’ll discover how to recognize the rules, values, and beliefs that have been guiding your life so you may deliberately transform them to what serves what you want in your life and become unstoppable.
What’s in store for you in Project Alpha?
You will start working with your own experience to discover yourself so that you may make the changes you desire in your life.
Learning the importance of clarity so you can reframe your perspective of where you are and what you want to be.
Become aware of your own rules and how to change them into something that will truly benefit your growth.
Different mind shifts to stop and overcome these fears so that you can show up in your best self.
Master your belief so you can change those beliefs that no longer serve you.
Find out what options you have to achieve your ultimate destiny.
It’s never easy to break a pattern we’ve been stuck in for a long time.
However, I am here to assist you in your journey to become a person who will achieve your goal.
Project Alpha
Day 0: Welcome Session (4:04)
Day 1: The Change Begins (83:48)
Day 2: The Definitions (71:26)
Day 3: Our Rules (67:08)
Day 4: The Fear (72:33)
Day 5: Values we Value (73:03)
Day 6: Your Options (33:25)

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Luke Fitzgerald - The Life Charms Academy

Luke Fitzgerald - The Life Charms Academy