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You know you need to eat healthy to overcome fatigue. But what does eating healthy even mean? One person says oranges are healthy and the next says whatever you do, don’t eat oranges.


Mark Volmer – Stop Feeding Fatigue Course (Best Diet for Adrenal Fatigue)

Mark Volmer - Stop Feeding Fatigue Course (Best Diet for Adrenal Fatigue)

Check it out: Mark Volmer – Stop Feeding Fatigue Course (Best Diet for Adrenal Fatigue)

How much better would you feel if you could stop fatigue by changing what you eat?

Stop struggling through 30-day challenges, flip-flopping between diet camps, or wondering which foods are really healthy?

Nutrition change isn’t easy. That’s why most people flop from one 30-day challenge to the next. After thirty days there’s just no willpower left in the tank. And that time between 30-day challenges, well that involves binge eating all the bad foods, doesn’t it?

It’s a vicious cycle that results in shame, fatigue, and zero traction towards a nutrition plan that will actually stop fatigue. You know that diets just don’t work; especially if you want to stop fatigue – you just don’t have the energy to learn new shopping habits, recipes, and cooking techniques overnight.

If you’re like most of my patients, you’ve tried just about every diet out there hoping to stop fatigue.

And not a single one of those diets were sustainable or improved your energy. That’s because none of these nutrition plans factor in the unique individual that you are.

Your genes are different than everyone else’s (unless you have an identical twin!), and your nutrition should reflect this. You need to eat the food your body tolerates – and nothing else. Only then will you start to increase your energy levels.

What you can do instead of 30-day challenges and radical diets

You know you need to eat healthy to overcome fatigue. But what does eating healthy even mean? One person says oranges are healthy and the next says whatever you do, don’t eat oranges.

There’s so much misinformation out there that I don’t blame you if you’re ready to throw your hands up and say: forget it, I quit!

Let’s put an end to leaping from one diet camp to the next. For good. You are unique. Instead of eating what someone else tells you is healthy, why don’t you find out exactly what is (and what isn’t) healthy for YOU?

The new era of diets is something called personalized nutrition. Personalized nutrition will identify exactly which foods give you energy. And which foods take it away. Remember, this is unique to you.

In just 60 days, I’ll show you how to identify exactly which foods give you energy and which foods make you tired. And since this nutrition plan will be personalized to your unique genetic makeup, you won’t have to use willpower to stick with it. It will feel natural, easy, and incredibly sustainable.

Hi, I’m Mark Volmer. I’ve dedicated the better part of a decade researching fatigue.

I’ve realized that fatigue is the most poorly managed condition in all of medicine.

The conventional diagnosis of fatigue severely lacks in-depth testing methods. Not to mention, you have no way of gauging whether (or not) you’re improving. In medical settings, fatigue is typically measured in terms of resolution – either you’re fatigued or you’re not fatigued.

And no one even mentions the food you eat as a potential cause of fatigue…

Why don’t doctors ever consider the effect your food choices have on your energy levels?

If you are eating foods that your body does not tolerate, or that your body has not adapted to eat, your blood sugar will become imbalanced. And when your blood sugar becomes imbalanced, fatigue is the first symptom you experience.

Balancing your blood sugar needs to be the first step taken to overcome fatigue. And the best way to do this is to determine exactly which foods your body does and does not tolerate!

Do you have a blood sugar imbalance?

Consider the following (alarming) statistics:

  • It is estimated that nearly half of the American population has a blood sugar imbalance severe enough to be classified as pre-diabetes. If left untreated, prediabetes will develop into diabetes – which if treated by most doctors, requires a lifetime of insulin injections.
  • Fatigue is the most common complaint in people with diabetes or blood sugar irregularities.
  • Even if your doctor has told you that your blood sugar looks fine, it’s probably not!

That’s why I created this program, Stop Feeding Fatigue. Together, we’ll identify exactly how the food you eat every day is causing fatigue.

So, what’s inside the Stop Feeding Fatigue Course and how can it help you?

Here’s just a tiny preview of what’s contained within Stop Feeding Fatigue:

✓Fatigue Evaluator

Did you know: your brain tricks you into thinking you’re more tired than you really are? Don’t let your brain decide how tired you are – it will be wrong every time. Gain an understanding of how fatigued you really are.

✓The Energy Cycle

Hour-by-hour your energy levels will change. It’s important you learn at exactly which time(s) your energy is high and which times your energy is low.

✓Diabetes Diagnostics

Even though your family doctor says your blood sugar looks fine, you could be speeding towards a diagnosis of diabetes.

✓A Tranquil Mind

Follow me on a 20-minute guided meditation that will help you identify your hidden motivations for gaining more energy. This will keep you motivated throughout the course!

✓Personalized Fatigue Score

Finally, a system designed to give you an objective measure on your fatigue. You’ll be able to track your progress anytime throughout the course!

✓Blood Sugar Basics

What does your blood sugar do when you sleep? Or, before you eat? Learn the inner workings of how strange blood sugar readings can make you tired.

✓Blood Sugar Balancing

The previous advice you’ve been given probably isn’t right. Learn the behind the scenes secrets to blood sugar balance that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know.

✓Food Fatigue

There’s a system you can use to identify exactly which foods make you tired. And which foods give you energy. I’ll show you how you can use this process on absolutely anything you eat or drink.

✓Goodbye Diets

Break up with diets for good. You’ll identify the foods your genes want you to eat and the foods you need to avoid. No willpower required!

✓Keto Hacks

I love the ketogenic diet. But it’s incredibly restrictive. I’ll show you how to get the benefits of a keto diet without having to follow a keto diet.

✓Carb Cravings

I’ll show you a way to eat the carbs you love and still keep your energy levels high.

What you’ll learn in the Stop Feeding Fatigue course

Part 1: Fatigue Facts vs Fatigue Fiction

  • What the heck is fatigue anyways?
    • Hint: It’s not what you think it is!
  • Can food actually impact your energy?
  • How fatigue may be holding you back more than you realize.
  • The diabetes test – are you at risk?
    • Fact: half the American population has pre-diabetes – and they don’t even know it!
    • Fact: even if your doctor says you’re fine, you’re probably not.
  • A powerful guided visualization and meditation that may be the secret to changing your nutrition for good.

Part 2: Just How Fatigued Are You?

  • Finally, an accurate way to actually evaluate fatigue.
  • How your brain tricks you into thinking you’re more fatigued than you are.
  • Understand the massive fluctuations your energy has in any given day.
    • Why that’s occurring and how to fix it.
  • A personalized fatigue score that you can use to evaluate just how much energy you gained through this course.

Part 3: The Blood Sugar-Fatigue Connection

  • How to know once and for all if the food you eat affects your energy!
  • The real cause of high and low blood sugars.
  • Does your blood sugar impact your energy levels?
  • Why your blood sugar may be imbalanced even when your doctor tells you you’re fine.
  • The ideal blood sugar readings needed to overcome fatigue.

Part 4: Food and Fatigue

  • Is what you eat making you tired?
  • Identify exactly which foods give you energy.
  • How to personalize your nutrition – say goodbye to diet plans.
  • How to get all the benefits of a ketogenic diet without the dietary restrictions.
  • Secrets on the best ways to eat the foods you crave and still feel energized.

Part 5: A Clinical Consult with Mark

  • Increase your energy even more with clinical pearls from Mark
  • How to follow this nutrition plan for the rest of your life – without any effort.
  • The fasting paradox – how eating less can give you more energy.
  • You don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome. You have an undiagnosed condition that’s making you tired – learn what it is!

I created this program out of frustration. And there’s really no other program like it. Stop Feeding Fatigue goes beyond diets/nutrition plans and gives you the formula needed to uncover your own, unique fatigue-fighting food guide.

After finishing Stop Feeding Fatigue, you’ll know more about blood sugar and its effect on your energy levels than 99.5% of people on the planet – including many medical professionals. And you’ll be able to help your loved ones increase their own energy levels by following the template.

Added bonuses to help improve your fatigue

In addition to all the information contained in the three modules, you’ll also receive:

  • Bonus #1
    • Free guided meditation and visualization to help you uncover your hidden motivations to overcome fatigue.
  • Bonus #2
    • Cheat sheets
      • I’ve designed documents specific to this course that help you quickly identify which foods to eat and which foods to avoid.
  • Bonus #3
    • Blood sugar balancing meal plans and shopping list
      • For those days when you’re just not sure what to cook, I’ve created a two-week meal plan and shopping list that is guaranteed to increase your energy.
  • Bonus #4
    • A 25-page eBook that will show you 7 small steps you can start taking tomorrow that will increase your energy.
  • Bonus #5
    • Our friends at Kiss My Keto have offered all participants of this course a substantial discount on all their energy increasing supplements!

Why this course will save you countless hours and hundreds of dollars

Every week in my practice I see a new patient who’s so confused about nutrition that she’s ready to give up. She’s hired nutritionists specializing in paleo, keto, vegetarian/vegan, Mediterranean, high carb, low carb, macrobiotic, raw foods… The list goes on.

And while each of these may have given her a mild increase in energy, none of them were sustainable over the long term. And none of them considered her as the unique individual she is.

The problem with diet/nutrition plans is that they require willpower. And lots of it. That’s why these plans only last for 30-days. Any longer and you’ll be out of willpower.

You don’t ever hear of 1825-day challenges, do you?

That’s because adhering to a plan you don’t like for 5 years is impossible. None of us have that degree of willpower.

I designed this course to help you stop jumping from nutrition plan to nutrition plan. When you eat what your genes evolved to eat, you take willpower out of the equation. Eating foods aligned with your genetics is effortless. You’ll always feel full and you’ll stop craving junk foods.

The key to any nutrition plan is consistency. 30-days won’t cut it. If you want to improve your energy, you need to have your nutrition dialed 80% of the time.

Stop Feeding Fatigue will get you off the diet-to-diet cycle. Saving you hundreds of dollars in money and thousands of hours of your time and frustration.

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Mark Volmer - Stop Feeding Fatigue Course (Best Diet for Adrenal Fatigue)

Mark Volmer - Stop Feeding Fatigue Course