Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle

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Whether it’s Google (and other search engines), Pinterest, YouTube, marketplaces, or your website’s own search function, search is at the heart of helping potential customers find your products and services.


Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle

Menekse Stewart - The SEO Bundle

Check it out: Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle

What if you are the best person to do SEO for your business?
Yes, you.

Search engines run the internet.

Without them, we would have no way of finding any of the things we want or need online.And if you have a website or online business, you are using and relying on them every single day – whether consciously or not.

Whether it’s Google (and other search engines), Pinterest, YouTube, marketplaces, or your website’s own search function, search is at the heart of helping potential customers find your products and services.

You can either do search badly, or you can do it well. Either way, search marketing is part of your business – it’s just part of how the internet works.

Intrigued? Read on, my friend!

What is SEO and why should you care?

I love an analogy, and there are two favourites that typically help people get really excited about the why of SEO – because when you know the why, consistent action becomes a whole lot easier! I hinted at these earlier, but here’s a more detailed explanation…

SEO is housekeeping for the digital high street
A.k.a. vital chores for your online store

Imagine having a physical shop or office space where you welcomed customers and clients.

You’d have to think about rental contracts, utilities and tax, as well as interior design and visual merchandising, not forgetting window cleaning, vacuuming, emptying bins, and changing lightbulbs.

SEO is the digital equivalent of these things: Making sure your online presence is clean and tidy, and welcoming to visitors.

SEO is like putting your books in a virtual library
And if they’re not clearly labelled, the librarian’s gonna ignore them

Now, imagine that you’ve got a big box of books to donate to your local library. But plot twist: all the covers are brown paper.

The librarian has no idea what they are or where to put them, so she puts the box in a back room for when she has time to come back and look properly.

If we ignore SEO, it’s like giving Google a box of brown paper books.

How long has your to-do list looked like this?

Look into SEO
Research keywords
Write a blog post
Improve my website traffic

If you’re like the majority of small business owners, you’ve heard terms like “SEO” and “keyword research” and made a note to get them sorted.

But then you Google the term “SEO checklist” and get 15,500,000 results.

You click on the first one, and it’s full of jargon.

You click on the second one, and it leaves you with more questions than you started with.

You click on the third one, and make a start, but then you end up in a YouTube rabbit hole trying to figure out what a meta description is when your Shopify or Squarespace website only gives you an SEO description.

Ready to throw your laptop out of the window, you bookmark the tab and promise yourself you’ll go back to it another day.

Sound familiar? That’s the experience of so many others like you.

YouTube University and Googling SEO will quickly leave you in a state of content overwhelm and jargon-induced anxiety.

The story is that Search Engine Optimisation is highly technical, overwhelming, and full of jargon that means you can’t possibly do it yourself.

But I’m here to tell you – with my 15+ years’ experience in SEO, and teaching hundreds of business owners how to optimise their websites – that it simply isn’t the case.

The reputation SEO has means that agencies and freelancers are charging thousands of pounds because business owners are scared of SEO. The reputation of SEO makes people money, so it means that very few people are motivated to make it accessible and straightforward.

But SEO is a vital skill for online business owners that goes WAY beyond search bots on your website, and learning it can be straightforward and hugely impactful for your business.

SEO underpins every decision you make about your website and brand online: What language you use to describe what you do, what pages you include on your website and where, what kind of content you create on a regular basis, and what kind of customers you attract to your business.

I can help you turn this…
Look into SEO
Research keywords
Write a blog post
Improve my website traffic

Into this…
Look into SEO
Research keywords
Write a blog post
Improve my website traffic

You can make your website search engine friendly.
You just might need a helping hand.

Growing your visibility via Google doesn’t need to feel scary or overwhelming.
SEO isn’t about understanding the imperceptible will of an invisible robot in the sky.

Google isn’t sending you messages in complex code, and punishing you if you can’t understand them. (I know it feels that way, but I promise, it’s really not!)

SEO is virtual hospitality. It’s cleaning out your digital dust bunnies.

It’s creating a space online where your brand stands out so that people who want or need what you have can find you.

SEO is about creating a positive website experience for your ideal customers.

It’s about building your brand online using the language your ideal customers are using, and making tweaks and updates to your website to make sure it’s a great place to hang out.


SEO with Menekse
A 12-week live programme to help you make Google go googly-eyed for your website.

Easy-to-Understand Tutorials
For 12 weeks, you’ll get new tutorials that are broken down into actionable steps. You can listen to them via video or on the go via audio with the SEO with Menekse programme podcast. There’s a little break in the middle to give you space to catch up!

Actionable Resources
For every tutorial, there are checklists and templates that will help you take action without feeling overwhelmed. And because you have access to these forever, you can refer back to them any time you need them!

The SEO with Menekse programme leads you through a 3-part approach to optimising your website…

Part 1: Your Customer
In order to build a website that Google loves, we need to make sure we understand exactly who our customers are and how what we have to offer relates to them and what they’re looking for.Understanding their needs, how they’re searching for those needs, and what their experience looks like as they engage with your website and the wider web helps us to build a high quality, engaging website.The plus side to this foundational work? It makes all your other marketing way easier, too! Part 2: Your Brand & Website
Now that we know who our customers are and what they’re searching for, it’s time to review how your brand and website are communicating that.What do you do? How do you talk about it? What actions do you want people to take?What’s working on your website? What needs to be fixed or improved?How is your website structured? How does it need to be structured? What content have you got? What content do you need?

Part 3: Search Engine Optimisation
Now we’ve got information about our customers and our brand, and we understand where we are right now and where we need to be, it’s time to tackle improving our websites!In SEO, this is broken down into three parts:

  1. Technical Optimisation: Making sure your website performs well on things like speed, security, and URLs working properly.
  2. On Page Optimisation: Making sure your website content and structure reflect your expertise using keywords and internal links.
  3. Off Page Optimisation: Making sure your brand appears on the wider web as a trusted source of value and expertise.

This is a programme with one mission, and one mission only:
To help you confidently grow your business online using SEO. By the end of our programme, you’ll walk away with…

A personalised strategy to get more traffic to your website

A customer journey map you can use across your marketing channels

A website that clearly communicates what you do to customers and search engines

Confidence in building your digital platform efficiently and effectively

A keyword-driven content plan that will help you grow for months to come

A folder of marketing assets and materials to help you grow online

Plus, lifetime access to all the course tutorials and materials so you can watch and rewatch any time your website needs a spring-clean.

What’s included in SEO with Menekse?

Our live SEO programme begins on Monday 17 January, and includes…

  • A personalised SEO folder prepared for you containing everything you need to get stuck into the programme with confidence.
  • 12 weeks of tutorials: Actionable tutorials for each week will be released on a Monday at 9am UK / 4am ET in both video and audio formats, so you can watch or listen to them at your convenience throughout the week.
  • Detailed strategy maps, templates, and checklists for your website, SEO, and content marketing so you’re clear on exactly what you need to do at every stage.

Plus, once we’ve finished the live programme, you’ll get access to…

  • 12 months of SEO to do lists to help you maintain momentum when we’ve finished.
  • Blogging for SEO, giving you a strategic breakdown of what blogging is, how it grows your business, how to decide on content & make a search-friendly plan, and templates and checklists for your blogging workflow and content distribution.
  • SEO for Pinterest, showing you how to generate traffic from Pinterest – which is an image-based search engine driven by keywords, so you can get the most out of your keyword research and pin your newly optimised web pages to get visitors clicking through to your website from Pinterest.
  • Product Descriptions 101, showing you how to write search-friendly product descriptions with confidence.

Get SEO off your to do list once and for all, and start growing your brand on Google and beyond.
Hear what some of my students have to say…

“This program has been the best investment I have done for my creative business. It has been a game changer for me.” – Sara Kabariti | Artist & Educator |

“It’s given me so much more time to focus on the creative side of my business, which is really what it’s all about. The marketing I know is being done for me in the background and I can focus on what I really love to do.

I started the program in November 2020 and already I can see that the traffic to my website is snowballing. It has resulted in sales, which has been really, really helpful because I’m a very new business owner and I can see now that it will continue to rise and now that I know how to optimise for keywords, how to write blog posts that actually attract customers into my funnel. There’s so much that you learn through this course that has been very, very helpful for me. I can’t stress that enough.

If you’re thinking of working with Menekse, I’d say just go for it. Don’t hesitate. She’s the right person. She knows her subject really well. More importantly, she’s super supportive, she’s really there for you and she really wants you to succeed. And that’s what I found and that’s what I love about her. She has such great integrity. For me, it’s so important to work with people who I can trust, and Menekse is that person.”

“Since sorting out my SEO, I was able to quit my nanny job and just become a full time illustrator… I’ve worked for Facebook, Google, Instagram, the United Nations… and honestly it blows my mind like the people that find me from Google.” – Katie Chappell | Live Illustrator |

“Now I feel about SEO like it’s just part of what I do and I love that when I write a blog post I feel like I know what I’m doing. I know when I’m updating my website all the tiny little tweaks I can make.

Before I did this course I was getting a little bit of work but I still had to have a part time job to support this part of my business. Since sorting out my SEO, I was able to quit my nanny job and just become a full time illustrator.

I get inquiries every single day pretty much Monday to Friday – usually more than one inquiry a day from people who really want to hire me.

I’ve worked for Facebook, Google, Instagram the United Nations and honestly it blows my mind like the people that find me from Google.

Since doing my SEO and having my business take off in that way, I’ve co-founded another business helping illustrators. SEO is such a game changer for getting regular clients and having that consistency that means that you can quit your part time job or go all in and just know that you’re going to get inquiries, even if you don’t show up on social media.”

“Menekse is the only person I ever recommend [for SEO]… She has a passion about SEO you can hear as soon as she speaks, and she doesn’t mind the same question being asked 1000 times.” – Stephanie | Founder & Creator of Loubiblu |

“Before I did any course with Menekse, I didn’t really know anything about SEO. I literally had no idea and it was extremely overwhelming. What I really thoroughly enjoyed was the level of dedication Menekse gave to the lives that we were allowed to join and answering the questions really well.

The fact that I can dip in and out of the support… It was quite helpful that I could do what I could do that week and hop on a call and ask a question about what the problem was that week.

Menekse is the only person I ever recommend because of who she is. There’s plenty of people doing SEO, but I think the way she has a passion about it that you can just hear it as soon as she speaks, and she doesn’t mind the same question being asked 1000 times. And from a creative perspective, who has a different brain that just doesn’t work in that way, being able to ask the same question a million times and not have an eye roll at me is brilliant.

Menekse has broken it down very well and it’s understandable and she’s personable.”

And here are some more results from students…

“After taking Menekse’s SEO course, in the space of a year, my impressions went from 8.25k to 57.9k, and clicks have jumped from 131 to 591 clicks a month. I’m also on the first page of Google for my main keyword!” “Before working together, my website was up and running but had very little traction. A lot of the traffic was self-directed from Instagram which meant that I felt like I had to be ‘on’ Insta 24/7 to be getting results. My email marketing consisted of monthly newsletters, which were fine, but not really converting into sales! And my SEO was pretty non-existent! Always something on the to-do list.

I really wanted to see some traction with SEO generating traffic to my website so that there was something in place for the long-term marketing strategies.

I’ve been working through the SEO course, and have had a 1-to-1 day of Voxer with Menekse. I’ve gone from knowing very little about SEO at all to feeling much more confident and knowledgeable about best practice for my website.

Menekse is a great teacher and works really hard to provide tailored help and support. Her advice for getting my website ship-shape and approaching my marketing strategy has been invaluable!

The biggest change is seeing my own website take off! It now massively out-performs my other sales channels on marketplaces every month and has regular sales – yay!

I’ve been tracking my stats for SEO – in the space of a year, my impressions went from 8.25k to 57.9k, and clicks have jumped from 131 to 591 clicks a month! It’s so encouraging to see these!!

I’ve also seen my ‘focus keywords’ Christian Jewellery position jump from 39.2 to 9.3 – first page of Google baby! And my email marketing is sitting at 25-35% of my monthly income on my website.

The Voxer days, both for the SEO course and the 1-to-1 day I did are so great!! It’s so helpful to get quick and specific advice and help, and I think the walkie talkie format works really well. I’d literally pay for a slot every week, Menekse is so supportive!

I also really enjoy how you keep the course content up to date, and the bonuses for current students like Pinterest and Blogging etc. are super helpful.”

Jordan Irwin | Jewellery Designer |

“Menekse is everything you always wanted from an SEO expert, but never got until now!

Her positive, engaging, no-filler sessions are just what I need as a small business owner who’s always short on time, thanks so much!”

Claire | The Curious Pancake

“Menekse’s SEO programme is absolutely packed with incredible content, Menekse is so generous with her support and time. Easily the best thing I’ve ever invested in in terms of my business. I feel so much more in control of my business and marketing, not overwhelmed any more!” “The detailed content and context are really helpful, explained in terms that can be understood by those not in these fields. Bite sized chunks are also great, much easier to work through when a topic is complex. I love the analogies/examples she uses as they help my understanding.” “I doubled my income, launched an online course, started growing my email list and started a podcast. All thanks to encouragement and advice from Menekse.”

Liz Mosley | Graphic Designer |

“Menekse is so knowledgeable and always full of some many ideas. I always really appreciate her insight and feedback, and it has helped me grow my business so much over the last year!

Before working with Menekse, I just had no idea what I was doing when it came to marketing. I knew bits and pieces, but had no strategy and was not intentional with it all.

My goal was to grow my business and streamline it and that has definitely happened. I am marketing myself more effectively than ever before, and my business has grown more in the last year than ever before.

I doubled my income, launched an online course, started growing my email list and started a podcast. All thanks to encouragement and advice from Menekse.

She is straight talking and gives really down to earth advice, as well as pushing me (in a good way) to do things that I had never really thought I could do before.”

For transparency, please note that since Liz started working with me for marketing education & support in early 2020, I have hired her for a variety of branding projects including rebranding Marketing with Menekse.

“I joined The SEO Bundle to learn SEO for my new business. I specifically joined because it was geared towards small creative businesses, which was exactly what I needed.

Since joining, I’ve gone from not being able to find any of my pages on google to ranking on the first page for one of my main keywords! I love the layout of all the course material, it’s really accessible and easy to navigate, and the live Q&As have been hugely beneficial.”

Natalia Charalambous | Treasure the Truth

Hey, I’m Menekse!
I’m a SEO specialist and marketing strategist with over 15 years’ experience working in Search Engine Optimisation and organic traffic.Based in London, I’ve worked with clients all over Europe and North America in a variety of industries. I’ve also been the Senior SEO Lead for a number of marketing agencies, consulting on projects for businesses large and small, as well as designing marketing development programmes and training.In the past six years, I’ve set up a marketplace that serves over 200 artists and designers around the UK, and thousands of its monthly revenue from organic traffic, and have acted as freelance Chief Marketing Officer for a handful of 7- and 8-figure North American entrepreneurs.Over the last 18 months, I’ve taught SEO for businesses and organisations including The Design Trust, Amanda Perry’s E-Com Growth Hub, Connected Artists’ Club by Alice Sheridan, and the Resilient Retail Summit. I’m a regular lecturer in SEO, marketing strategy, and email marketing for University of the Arts London and ELLE Education.

6 reasons SEO is worth your time and effort:

It’s fundamentally customer-centric

It gives scalable, long-term results

Its principles run and organise the internet

Search is a business-friendly algorithm

It’s helps you do efficient marketing

It gives you selling skills without the ick

What makes my approach different?

Agencies and freelancers all over the world are profiting from the bad reputation SEO has among business owners – of it being technical, difficult, time consuming.The average cost of SEO is £500 a month or £6,000 a year, and that’s for the most basic tasks that take 1-2 hours a month.You can do a far better job of your website’s SEO without spending anywhere near that.

  • I believe in efficiency and integration: I’m not trying to add to your to do list. I want to make your marketing as easy and joyful as possible.
  • I am committed to staying jargon-free: We don’t need to gatekeep good marketing, and as an expert marketer, I will always explain to you where things fit and how so you can feel comfortable and confident making decisions about your marketing.
  • I don’t think there are any magic marketing pills: SEO is one element of your marketing, but it’s not the magic beans you’re missing for digital marketing success. You can still run a successful business online without ever looking at it.

Everywhere on the internet, people are making out that their system is the missing puzzle piece for your success. I’m not the missing puzzle piece, neither is SEO.

But I can definitely help you grow your business online and help you make your marketing more efficient and more results-driven.

So if SEO has been on your to-do list, it’s time to work with me.

Digital marketing trends are changing!

What’s going up?

  • Feeling confident in your brand’s digital presence, knowing your website is working hard for you
  • Clarity and transparency in the marketing space, empowering confident decision-making
  • Keeping your customers at the centre of your brand’s strategy, so you’re positioned to help them
  • Having time and space to do what you love and getting off the hamster-wheel of marketing hustle

What’s going down?

  • Hustling on ever-changing algorithms you can’t predict to build an audience on someone else’s platform
  • Marketing gurus who rely on jargon to hide their lack of strategic skill & sell you false promises
  • Going all in on the latest marketing trend with fingers crossed and hoping for the best
  • Feeling pressured into “personality marketing” on social media when you don’t want to be an influencer

Who is the SEO with Menekse programme a good fit for?

This is a good fit for you if…

  • You have your own website currently, or are planning to build your own website in the next few months.
  • You sell products or services.
  • You want to be in business 12+ months from now.

This is not a good fit for you if…

  • You don’t have your own website, and aren’t planning to build your website soon.
  • You’re not sure what you’re selling or want to sell.
  • You’re planning to close your business within 12 months.

“I feel like my business finally has some momentum, and that I have a plan going forward as to how to keep growing that momentum.”

Laura Pedley | Fine Artist |

“Working with Menekse has been brilliant, she is unbelievably knowledgeable about so many things, and so generous with that knowledge. I’ve learnt loads from her about how to run a business with heart and that is totally focused on the people that business serves.

My business has grown and grown! I have started selling artwork on a regular basis, built up a community around my email list and have regular contact with my collectors, and am starting to further my reach on social media and Pinterest. I feel like my business finally has some momentum, and that I have a plan going forward as to how to keep growing that momentum.

Getting my head around marketing my artwork was a real stumbling block, but working with Menekse has really broken this down for me into manageable pieces of work that are really applicable in my industry.

My hope was to be able to build a marketing strategy that freed me up to do what I really love, creating my original artwork, rather than one that took up more time! And that is exactly what Menekse has helped me do, making marketing really accessible and much less overwhelming. I feel so much better equipped to market my work these days and it’s much less daunting thanks to all her help and guidance.

As well as being an absolute marketing genius, Menekse is just lovely to work with, so kind and so patient with all my questions! She always goes the extra mile to help solve any problem, and you can totally rely on her. She’s a dream!”

Here’s what some of my longer-term clients have experienced working with me…

Fractional CMO for Chanie Wilschanski

“Menekse is creative and strategic which is a rare find. She knows how to create a strategy that is smart and innovative and taps into best practices as well as taking a forward thinking approach to marketing and messaging. She prepares a solid plan and lets you know the best next steps forward.
Before working with Menekse, we didn’t have a marketing leader and just dabbled in lots of different ideas but no real plan to make the dreams a reality.
One of the key projects we worked on was growing our in-person events. We reached our goal of 150 attendees at a high ticket price point, with people flying into New York from all over the world! She helped us create multiple different campaigns that led people into this offer, and it was a huge success.
My favorite thing about working with Menekse? The strategy and creativity-she just nailed both!”
Chanie Wilschanski|Schools of Excellence

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Menekse Stewart - The SEO Bundle

Menekse Stewart - The SEO Bundle

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