Mia Lamotte – Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

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This course won’t tell you to follow society’s expectation of you, because I know that the true secret to creating a magnetic brand is showing up as the best version of yourself, always.


Mia Lamotte – Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

Mia Lamotte - Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

Check it out: Mia Lamotte – Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

Find Your Power and Disrupt the Status-Quo by Getting Paid to Be YOU.

Are you ready to show up as a thought leader and innovator in your life and industry? Are you ready to discover, monetize and market your brand while getting paid to be yourself? Let’s go!

This is your time. The time that you go from hustle to empire, from surviving to thriving – and all with a compelling brand that’s 100% YOU.

Brand Disruptors is a 13 month TRANSFORMATION that will give you all the resources to build a personal brand and gain the visibility needed to stand out online and in person, so that you make more money.

We are disrupting the status-quo by placing YOU at the center of your brand.

This course won’t tell you to follow society’s expectation of you, because I know that the true secret to creating a magnetic brand is showing up as the best version of yourself, always.

Brand Disruptors isn’t just you and me: It’s a group of strong visionary women like yourself all working towards success and lifting each other up.

Together we’ll dive deep into what it is you want to do in the world, and I’ll help shift your mindset so that you are primed to accept the abundance coming your way!

I’ll walk you through everything that goes into making a truly magnetic brand, so that you’ll be ready to step into leadership and be the Disruptor I know you are.

Becoming a Brand Disruptor is a true transformation. Are you ready?

Become a Brand Disruptor

Disrupt the status quo and be you on purpose. Build your brand as a reflection of YOU, not what other people expect of you.

Live Group Coaching Calls (2x/month)

I’ll be with you every step of the way during our twice monthly group coaching calls. Learn from other women like you putting in the work and transforming themselves.

1:1 Coaching With a Brand Disruptor Coach

We all process change at a different pace. With my Transformational Tracker you can track your progress and identify what’s tripping you up. One of my fabulous coaches will keep you honest, and keep you moving forward.

Quarterly Masterminds That Keep You Soaring to Success

We’re all masters of our zone of genius, so every three months we’ll put our heads together and see what kind of magic we can create. These masterminds will set 90 day sprint goals, and keep you accountable.

30+ Transformative Modules

These modules will teach you everything you need to know to build a congruent brand so you can get paid to be yourself. They’re chock-full of reflective exercises so you can track your progress and get unstuck!

A Community of Leaders Like You

Connect with courageous visionaries like YOU. The friends made in Freedom Lounge FB group are nothing short of magic. Your new cheerleaders, collaborators and sisters are waiting for you.

Get immediately download Mia Lamotte – Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

Mia, here…

I’ve been a brand activator, leader and transformation coach for the past eleven years. Transformation is my superpower.

Why do I do what I do? I want to help you become the best version of YOU. I want to guide you to overcome your limiting beliefs and step into your true potential— all while building an incredible brand.

I grew up in rural Louisiana, and though I was far from any kind of fashion center, fashion and personal development has always been my passions.

These passions have given me the opportunity to visit a lot of places and do a lot of things in life, and I’m so grateful for the life I have created for myself and my clients.

What has always driven me in life and continues to guide me today is my desire to be a Disruptor.

Knowing that I’m at my best when I’m authentically me has helped propel my brand forward, and it’s my mission to help others achieve the same (or greater) that inspires Brand Disruptors and the work I do today.

I created Brand Disruptors because the more women who become Disruptors of their industries and lives, the more change we’ll see in the world. I know you are determined to leave your mark on the world. Let’s create the spark that will ignite your brand and set the racist patriarchy on fire.

Megan Whiteside (VIP member).

Megan came to Brand Disruptors because she needed a real kick in the pants to build momentum. Here’s what she says:

  • “Connecting with other women is in and of itself worth the price of admission… You’re giving us so much value for the money. It’s so much more than what I expected – it’s worth double.”
  • “In our coaching sessions you’re like ‘get your ass into gear’, then I get my ass into gear…and I’m getting results. It’s that simple…You got me from reading about something on an intellectual level, to actually implementing it.”
  • “It’s like G-d put me in the right place at the right time because my goodness you’ve changed my life.”

Lori Jones.

Lori joined Brand Disruptors because she was looking for a way to develop herself. In just three months she was able to afford the course and quit her full-time job to focus on her business. Here’s what she had to say:

  • “You’re like my Oprah.”
  • “At first I wasn’t sure how I would afford the course, but I realized there’s always a way. There has to be a way… because of Brand Disruptors I’ve really improved who I am as a person – changing my mindset and eliminating negativity. I’ve been able to afford the program as well as get to a point in a short time where I was able to quit my job and focus on my business full time, which is something I never thought would be an option. Especially not in 3 months.”
  • “One thing I’ve learned is being able to say no. When I really want to say no I’ve been able to say NO, without hesitation.”

Alana Gilbert.

When Alana started Brand Disruptors, she was looking for direction and strategy for developing her business. By networking with other women in her industry Alana was able to develop a new and innovative product in her subscription boxes. Here’s what she has to say:

  • “Even though we have different businesses, speaking to the other entrepreneurs has been very valuable…it’s a very diverse group of women, from all walks of life and all open to sharing and supporting.”
  • “Just one piece of advice has made my business jump leaps and bounds in literally two days.” By being in a community with other people in her industry, Alana was able to discover a new product that she could add to her subscription boxes
  • “Mia’s just gonna give it to me straight, whether I like it or not. She gives me the insight and strategies to help push my business forward. Mia’s giving us the tools to succeed.”

Access to 30+ Content-rich and Transformative Modules ($4,097 Value)

Live 2 hour coaching calls with Mia twice a month ($10,149 Value)

4 Live Mastermind Retreats ($2,396 Value)

13 month membership access to The Freedom Lounge ($1,261 Value)

Access to our private Freedom Lounge Members Facebook group (Priceless!)

1:1 monthly coaching calls with a Brand Disruptor Coach ($3,250 Value)

Bonus modules and webinars ($2,797 Value)

Vonne Jacobs.

Vonne started her work with Mia to build a put-together wardrobe, but ended up in a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Since their work together, Vonne has started her own consulting firm, and is now entering the coaching space with a focus on addressing global equity.

  • “You’ve got to be in this for a minute before you can have the kind of growth and explosion of experience. It takes some time, especially if you’re new to this whole game. I never would have imagined I would be the kind of person who’s into this stuff, but it’s working.”
  • “I had no concept of the person I would be now, when we first started this work. I had no idea such a person could exist. But now I’m the most internally congruent I’ve felt. This is the most like myself I’ve felt.”
  • “This journey, from leaving my job to starting my consulting company to shifting the consulting company to stepping into this coaching space and building something that’s really a reflection of my global vision and commitment to the world…those are my results.”
  • “Mia helps people discover who they actually are, and then helps them create a brand that is a reflection of that.”

Delanda McNair.

Delanda’s an indie author who joined Brand Disruptor’s to learn more about marketing. Through her work in the group she has been enthusiastically saying yes to herself and investing the same energy she’s always had for others, into her own growth.

  • “Going through the modules and having the calls was like an awakening. You helped me to reveal some areas of me that I didn’t realize I had covered up. Because I didn’t realize how OK I had become with simply being. And how un-present I had become in my life.”
  • “From the very first email, and then multiple times on calls you offered me help and support – and you really meant it.
  • “My willingness to take action has always been there, but it’s always been for everyone else’s dream. It took me time to put the same energy and focus into me. And I’m totally owning up to all of it, and it’s on me. Game on. I’m going places where I never would have gone before.”

Del Friday.

When Del and Mia started working together, she came to her for branding advice through a guest expert agreement. She used all of her sessions to work with Mia so they could go deep into the transformation. Del quickly realized that personal branding wasn’t just about surface level stuff, so she upgraded into Brand Disruptors so she transform so much more.

  • “Mia gave me the tools to be confident in who I am, why I am this way, and the willingness to to share this in my work.“
  • “If you focus on the surface level stuff, it’s not enough of a transformation.”
  • “This is not your makeover at the mall. The lady at Nordstrom can’t do this. If you are looking to go deep to find and accept yourself, I highly recommend you sign up for Brand Disruptors.”

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Mia Lamotte - Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

Mia Lamotte - Brand Disruptors Group Coaching Program

$850.00$8,500.00 (-90%)

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