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Every month, copy Molly’s newest strategies as she walks you through the campaigns she’s running for her top clients, including sellers of physical products, info products and SaaS.


Molly Pittman – Team Traffic

Molly Pittman - Team Traffic

Check it out: Molly Pittman – Team Traffic

Welcome to the big leagues of paid traffic.

Join our team of pro media buyers and get the ongoing education, hands-on support, and daily accountability you need to succeed.
“Over-My-Shoulder” Training w/ Molly Pittman
Each month, copy the newest campaigns Molly is using for 5 of her top clients. Learn everything you need to know about online advertising in this digitized course.

Campaign Coaching

Stop losing ad spend! Submit your campaigns and get expert feedback from Molly and our Team Leaders in live workshops.

The Team Traffic Mastermind

Solve problems, avoid mistakes and stay aggressive with the help of our exclusive media buying community.

Monthly Swipe File

Our 100-page report of high-performing ad creative and campaign strategies

Team Traffic Signing Bonuses

  • Molly, Boris & Ezra’s New-Year Strategy SessionWatch three of the industry’s top media buyers analyze their ad strategies from 2018, and use it to form a media plan to maximize growth.
  • Kickstart Your Annual Media PlanWatch our recorded members-only strategy call to hammer out an effective media plan for 2021, and beyond!

Stop losing time, money & energy as a solo player.

Start maximizing ROI with the power of a team.

Most professional athletes have an entire team to support them: a coach, trainer, physical therapist, sports psychologist — a whole group of experts helping them perform at their best.

The same is true for doctors, lawyers, and other top professionals — they all have the help of a team.

Yet most media buyers go it alone, even while juggling a dozen roles. We’re writers. And researchers. And analysts. And psychologists…

And to perform our best, we spend thousands of hours studying audiences, testing creative and staying ahead of trends…

Because with the increasing challenges of paid traffic, we know that’s what it takes to ensure a win.

But every hour spent looking for an answer and every day wasted troubleshooting a campaign could be spent landing more clients, or increasing ROI — or lying by the pool, for Pete’s sake!

So after years of hard work as solo players, we thought of a better way.

A way that professional media buyers can get everything we need to perform our best, all in one place.

One place where you can learn the top strategies being used by other successful advertisers…

One place where you can get expert feedback on your campaigns before throwing ad dollars at them…

One place where platform specialists keep you updated on the latest changes to Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube…

So you can stop losing time, money and energy, and start getting bigger wins faster and more often.

So we collected all the resources we’ve relied on throughout our careers; we gathered some of our best friends, partners, mentors and students…

And threw them all into one amazing group called Team Traffic. It’s the group we’ve always wish existed…

And we’re inviting you to become a member and share in our success.

Trial and error is VERY expensive, and you do a great job walking us through what works and what doesn’t.
Pete R.
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Team Benefits

Join our team of traffic pros and get the kind of support usually reserved for buyers in top-100 agencies. It’s everything you need to maximize ROI, all in one monthly membership.

Campaign Coaching, LIVE w/ Molly

Molly helps you improve your campaigns live from the Team Traffic Facebook group.
Stop losing ad spend! Submit your creative, targeting, budget plan, or anything else you want help with and Molly will provide you with valuable feedback.
All coaching sessions are recorded and saved in the Members Area so the whole team can benefit from them.

Watch Me Work

Keep improving your game and raising your results with these “over-my-shoulder” training videos.

Every month, copy Molly’s newest strategies as she walks you through the campaigns she’s running for her top clients, including sellers of physical products, info products and SaaS.

And for each ad account, you’ll see how Molly’s strategy evolves over the year based on new data, platform changes and marketing trends.

Team Traffic Mastermind

Solve problems, avoid mistakes and stay aggressive with help of our exclusive community of media buyers.
As a member of the Team Traffic Facebook group, you and 1 guest get access to our hivemind of professional advertisers, each with their own unique talents, insights and connections.
Because ask any top media buyer — there’s no substitution for who you know and what they know.
BONUS: Add 1 free guest to the Facebook Group

The Traffic Game Plan

Get the scoop on everything impacting your business, all in one monthly newsletter.
Our platform specialists break down everything new on Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube, so you can profit from what’s working and stay ahead of changes.
Plus, get plugged into the world of media buying with Featured Articles, Case Studies, Member Spotlights and Team Traffic News.
Get a hard copy in the mail each month

The Monthly “AdSumer Report”

Build a data-driven swipe file of high-performing ad creative and campaign strategies.

Compiled by our in-house researcher, this 100-page monthly report delivers in-depth analysis on the best Facebook ads, placements and offers (as well as Shopify’s top markets).

And each month features a new industry or market, so you always get a variety of inspiration for your next campaign.

Become a member of Team Traffic and start leveraging
the power of a team!

Signing Bonus #1New Year Strategy Sessionwith Molly, Ezra & Boris

  • For the first time ever, watch Molly, Ezra and Boris perform a complete traffic analysis on Ezra’s top brand (with revenue of $25M in 2018)…
  • Then, see how they leverage last year’s data to build an aggressive media plan for 2019 and beyond.
  • These over-the-shoulder videos go step by step through Molly and Ezra’s process for recording key metrics, analyzing data and turning it into actionable strategies…
  • And give you all their top-performing campaigns so you can add them to your game plan for the new year.
    Watch as three of the industry’s top media buyers show you:
  • A proven framework for optimizing your media plan
  • Strategies to beat rising ad costs
  • Top performing FB funnels for awareness, retargeting & loyalty campaigns
  • How to leverage content to a build a brand that customers love
  • How to plan your budget for maximum ROI in 2019 and beyond
  • $1,000 Value

Signing Bonus #2Kickstart Your Annual Media Planwith Molly Pittman & John Grimshaw

  • No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too late to put together a media plan! Luckily, we’ve got a recorded training all about how you can build a plan completely unique to your business.
  • With the help of analytics expert John Grimshaw, Molly shows you how to pinpoint what worked for you in the past and how to amplify wins (and correct any issues) through 2021 and beyond!
  • In this BONUS training, you will learn how to:
  • Review your 2020 ad strategy for the most profitable camapaigns, audiences, & creative.
  • Pinpoint last year’s roadblocks and how to overcome them.
  • Create a plan for amplifying your wins for the highest ROI.
  • Set informed budget goals and make sure you aren’t endangering your business by overspending or underspending
  • Dial in your data tracking to get more insights from your ad dollars.
  • $500 Value

Signing Bonus #3Zipify Pages3-month Membership*

  • Become a member of Team Traffic and get a BONUS membership to Ezra Firestone’s amazing Shopify landing page builder.
  • Create custom landing pages for your campaigns, or use templates from Ezra’s top-performing funnels.
  • Get all the best page elements for ecommerce at your fingertips, including scarcity timers, one-click lightboxes & Shopify’s dynamic product connection.
  • Enjoy all of Zipify Pages’ premium features like split testing, Shopify blog integration & a full data dashboard.
  • $291 Value (Already a Zipify Pages member? We’ll add 3 months to your membership!)

Meet the Team

We believe in strength in numbers, and everyone in Team Traffic brings a unique set of talents, insights and connections.
In addition to your Community of fellow media buyers, here are members of our All-Star Traffic Team who regularly deliver content.

Molly PittmanTeam Leader

In just 6 years, Molly went from Kentucky bartender to DigitalMarketer VP to running her own agency as one of the industry’s most sought-after media buyers.
She has thousands of hours of experience running ads for companies selling physical products, info products and SaaS, and has spent over $14 million on Facebook while maintaining a positive ROI.
As an educator, Molly has certified thousands of marketers in paid traffic and customer acquisition, and just launched her new in-depth media buying super-course, Train My Traffic Person.
Molly is a great teacher. I’m a former University professor, so teaching methods are big in my mind. Many marketing people aren’t very good teachers. Molly is a great teacher. She delivers complicated content in a way that makes it user friendly to the uninitiated.
Doug W.

Ezra FirestoneSpeciality: Ecommerce

Ezra is considered one of the top authorities in ecommerce, and built a $20 million/year physical products brand from the ground up. Through he offers digital trainings for do-it-yourself business owners, and through, he creates software to help Shopify sellers generate more revenue.

John GrimshawSpeciality: Analytics

John teaches marketers how to track and analyze their data so they can make informed business decisions. He’s the former Marketing Operations Manager for DigitalMarketer, and a Co-Founder of, where he specializes in website analytics and KPI management.

Tom BreezeSpeciality: Google & YouTube

Our go-to expert on everything Google and YouTube (with a focus on video advertising), Tom helps us diversify our traffic sources by branching out to these extremely profitable yet underutilized platforms. He’s the CEO of Viewability and a Director with Video Results Ltd.

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Mike RhodesSpeciality: Google Ads

Mike’s in his 15th year of creating profitable Google Ad campaigns for global businesses and is the co-author of the world’s best selling book on Google Ads ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’. He’s the CEO & Founder of WebSavvy, recently named by Google as one of the top 18 agencies in the world. As well as being in the trenches with his team, he teaches a few hundred digital agencies to scale via his teaching site:

Russ HenneberrySpeciality:Content Marketing & Info Products

Russ Henneberry is the founder of Modern Publisher, a community of professional content creators and expert digital marketers ready to lend you a hand. Russ has trained and certified thousands of professionals through his coaching, courses, stage presentations and his book, Digital Marketing for Dummies.

You!Speciality TBD

You’re a digital media buyer who’s data-driven and analytical, yet bold and creative.
You’re just as eager to learn from your fellow team members as you are to contribute your unique talents to the Team Traffic Community.
And whether you work in-house, freelance or at an agency; whether you sell physical products, info products, services or Saas; you work hard to stay at the top of your game.
We implemented your strategies and our business has quadrupled in the last month as a direct result of Facebook ads… we have been busy playing catch up trying to hire staff… thanks heaps you rock!

Join Team Traffic

And you’ll get the ongoing education, hands-on support and daily accountability you need to succeed — all in one monthly membership.

  • Over-the-shoulder training so you can copy Molly’s newest campaigns for 5 of her clients
  • Campaign coaching from Molly and other Team Leaders to decrease ad spend and increase profit
  • Team Traffic Mastermind, where our community of media buyers share their insights and winning strategies (BONUS: add 1 free guest to the Facebook group)
  • Traffic Game Plan, our monthly newsletter containing expert advice on Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube (Get a hard copy in the mail each month!)
  • The Monthly “AdSumer Report,” a 100-page, data-driven swipe file of effective ad creative and campaign strategies

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Molly Pittman - Team Traffic

Molly Pittman - Team Traffic