Nick Milo – Obsidian Flight School

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We have too many scattered thoughts and lost notes. So we abandon the app of the week and search for the next app that will magically solve the chaos in our brains.


Nick Milo – Obsidian Flight School

Nick Milo - Obsidian Flight School

Check it out: Nick Milo – Obsidian Flight School

Make Notes at the speed of thought
Learn how to harness the full potential of the Obsidian app.
Fly around your notes. Earn your wings today.

What is Obsidian Flight School? 🚀

Obsidian Flight School is an educational product—and starter kit—
designed to stretch your limits in using the power of Obsidian.

Working with ideas is hard.

We have too many scattered thoughts and lost notes. So we abandon the app of the week and search for the next app that will magically solve the chaos in our brains.

Making leaps of insights with your notes is even harder.

You know Obsidian is the answer, but you still don’t know how to best use it. It can be overwhelming, and you keep asking, “What if there’s a better way?”

Mastering Obsidian makes it easy—and incredibly fun.

Once you master Obsidian, you will astound yourself with what you are capable of. But to do this, you need to get the reps and work on the right stuff. Break the barriers that are holding you back.

Stop watching. Start practicing.

Flight School will help you do the following:

Work faster than ever before

Learn the best ways to rapidly create and open notes, effectively utilize Autocomplete, and effortlessly refactor text.

Get reps, get better

Watching videos is not enough. Drilling the exercises and simulations will unlock your full potential.

Customize your experience

Customize your themes, display panels, plugins, hotkeys, and functions to fine-tune your thinking experience.
Get immediately download Nick Milo – Obsidian Flight School

What’s inside the vault?

Basic Training Wing

Achieve Mach 1: Confidently set up and work more effectively

Quickly and smartly format text. Confidently set up your settings. Customize your visual experience. Develop your core navigational abilities. You will work on…
  • Obsidian Formatting
  • Obsidian Settings
  • Obsidian Themes
  • Obsidian Core Maneuvers
Piloting Wing

Increase how fast you find, create, and connect notes

Expertly control the Obsidian interface. Effectively shift, mark, list, & refactor text. Effortlessly navigate from note to note. You will work on…
  • Obsidian Interface
  • Obsidian Textwork
  • Obsidian Navigation
Instruments Wing

Expand what you can do

Utilize the display panels. Work faster. Add special functionalities. Leverage the graph views. You will work on…
  • Obsidian Display Panels 🎛
  • Obsidian Plugins 🔌
  • Obsidian Hotkeys 🔥
  • Obsidian’s Special Functionalities 𝒇
  • Obsidian Graph View 🌐
Resources Wing

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks

Review the available commands, the available simulations, all the PKM terms, and answers to common questions. You will be able to review…
  • Obsidian Commands
  • Obsidian Simulations Center
  • LYT Glossary
  • LYT Expanded Glossary for PKM
  • Flight School FAQ

Meet Your Flight Instructor

Nick Milo

If you search “Obsidian” on Youtube, you will probably come across my free Obsidian for Beginners series. It’s just six videos. They have been helpful for a lot of people. The Youtube channel has now been viewed over one million times.

Since then, countless people have asked if I could do a course on Obsidian. I resisted for two reasons: I have prioritized the LYT Workshop, and other people already had made courses.

So I wasn’t really excited to add yet another course to the ecosystem if it wasn’t somehow…different. And it took a while for me to figure out what that difference would be.

But now I know…

I wanted to create a non-linear, choose-your-adventure training program where you get better at Obsidian by actually using Obsidian. That’s why I created “Flight School”.

Obsidian Flight School is an experience-driven approach to learning. It is an experiment in “curated but self-driven, non-linear education”. That makes it a big risk.

Some of you will love it. Some of you won’t.

But that’s fine.

When it comes to teaching and training, I will never stop shouting “reps, reps, reps”.
Watching videos alone is not enough.

If you really want to learn how to pilot Obsidian; then YOU have to pilot it.

Is this for you?

If you want to experience more joy
in using the Obsidian App,
this program is for you.

This is for you if…
You downloaded Obsidian and feel overwhelmed
You want to be faster in using Obsidian
You want to customize your thinking experience
You want to fully utilize Obsidian’s countless features and plugins

Obsidian Flight School 🚀

Train yourself to master Obsidian, so you can fly around your notes and generate valuable insights.

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Nick Milo - Obsidian Flight School

Nick Milo - Obsidian Flight School

$35.00$129.00 (-73%)

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