Paul Minors – Master Asana – Course Only

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My lessons get to the point without all the “fluff” so you can get answers fast. Past students often comment on how practical the material is and how clearly lessons are explained.


Paul Minors – Master Asana – Course Only

Paul Minors - Master Asana - Course Only

Check it out: Paul Minors – Master Asana – Course Only

Overwhelmed trying to figure out Asana?

When you get started with Asana, figuring out how to structure your work can be overwhelming. Asana is such a versatile tool, how do you know where to start and what features to use?

You probably have a basic understanding of Asana and now you’re ready to learn more; you want to make Asana the main hub for your work and have everything in one place but don’t have time to figure it out on your own.

My name is Paul and I’ve helped hundreds of clients to streamline their business processes using Asana.

Streamline your business with Asana!

Think of me as your virtual Asana support guide. Working with me, you’ll learn:

1) HOW TO STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS: By using Asana to manage key processes, we can drastically improve your teams efficiency and output.

2) CENTRALIZE YOUR WORK IN ONE PLACE: Learn how make Asana the hub for all your work, projects, notes and team communication.

3) IMPROVE TEAM ADOPTION: You don’t want your teams use of Asana to slowly fizzle out. Follow my onboarding process to increase adoption and establish best practices. This is particular important for growing companies.

Introducing… Master Asana: online course + coaching

This at-your-own-pace course outlines the process I’ve used for years working with hundreds of one-on-one clients. You’ll be guided through the necessary steps to set up and optimise your account. I’ll teach you how to onboard your team and share all the best practices to follow to ensure Asana is successfully adopted.

You can get help directly from me at any time via my private Slack community or by joining weekly group coaching calls! There are also options to get additional one-on-one support and team training hosted by me (Paul)!

What do the lessons cover?

When you purchase, you’ll get access to the following lessons via your customer account. This is a “go at your own pace” program where you’re free to view the lessons whenever you like:


  • 1.1: Introduction (4:28)
  • 1.2: Your Asana vision and purpose (13:23)
  • 1.3: Planning your Asana structure (17:31)
  • 1.4: Members vs. Guests (5:39)
  • 1.5: The Pyramid of Clarity (4:39)


  • 2.1: Setting up a project (42:00)
  • 2.2: Custom fields, rules, forms and tags (31:27)
  • 2.3: Should you use projects or tasks? (e.g. clients, events) (16:10)
  • 2.4: Importing tasks from a CSV (4:38)
  • 2.5: Seeing the big picture with Portfolios & Workload (19:24)
  • 2.6: Creating project and task templates (19:23)
  • 2.7: How to manage meetings (15:10)
  • 2.8: How to move projects between accounts (7:22)
  • 2.9: Planning your goals in Asana (12:23)


  • 3.1: Planning your Asana rollout (10:23)
  • 3.2: Define protocols and best practices (22:41)
  • 3.3: Training your team (recommended agenda) (8:33)
  • 3.4: Improving the success of adoption (4:37)


  • 4.1: Use ‘My Tasks’ to plan your day (17:09)
  • 4.2: How to communicate in Asana (14:00)
  • 4.3: Checking the inbox (9:19)
  • 4.4: Sharing project status updates (7:36)
  • 4.5: How to use Asana and Slack (9:45)
  • 4.6: Keyboard shortcuts (4:16)
  • 4.7: Filtering tasks with advanced search (5:49)
  • 4.8: How to manage approvals in Asana (4:25)
  • 4.9: Best practices for assigning a task to a colleague or VA (8:38)
  • 4.10: Daily habits every Asana user should follow (8:29)


  • 5.1: How to create projects with subsections (8:37)
  • 5.2: Automating tasks with Zapier (19:12)
  • 5.3: Time tracking options (11:18)
  • 5.4: Creating a client-facing project (5:26)
  • 5.5: Multi-homing tasks into multiple projects (10:41)
  • 5.6: Creating reports in Asana (14:33)

More videos coming soon… (Last updated: June-2021)

What’s included?

🎓 Master Asana Course + Updates

Get my complete step-by-step program. This is the process I’ve used with clients on projects that normally cost between $3-7,000. As new Asana features are released, I’ll be updating the course material so you always know how to make the most out of what Asana has to offer.

🔖 Project Templates

Upload my plug-and-play project templates to your account and set up your Asana account, fast! These templates help you to quickly create the basic structure but can be customised to your needs.

🤖 Pre-Built Zapier Workflows

Install my plug-and-play Zapier workflows and start automating your Asana tasks and project management workflows.

🤝 Private Slack Community ($397 value)

Join my private Slack channel. This is great for asking quick questions and sharing ideas with other Asana users who have gone through the training.

👩‍💻 Group Coaching x2/wk with Paul Minors ($1,200 value)

Connect with me twice a week during group coaching calls. No agenda, small groups. Turn up with your questions or share your screen to get feedback. Can’t make it? Submit your questions and watch the replay later.

☎️ Private Sessions with an Asana Expert

You can book private consulting sessions with Paul or one of his approved Asana Experts. These sessions can be used however you like; we can answer your questions, train your team or help with integrations and automation. Private sessions are $250 per 90-minute session on the monthly plan. Or get 4x 1-hour sessions for FREE on the unlimited plan.

“How is it different from your YouTube videos?”

My YouTube videos are very ‘lite’ and cover quick features. Think of them as the teaser trailer before you watch the feature film. This course is a step-by-step process of how to set up and rollout Asana to your team.

The program also gets you access to ME! Join weekly group calls and get 1:1 support. You can also learn from other dedicated customers via my private community.

“I’m busy, how long will this take?”

My lessons get to the point without all the “fluff” so you can get answers fast. Past students often comment on how practical the material is and how clearly lessons are explained.

It’s best if you can watch the course from start to finish (there’s around 7-8 hours of content all up). But if you want to pick and choose which lessons to watch, that’s fine. You’ll also be able to get your questions answered by me each week when you join my group coaching calls.

The timing is never right to make a radical change to your business. Previous clients have often commented on how adopting a new tool can be scary and time consuming. But at the end of the day they’ve always come back wishing they’d done this 6 months or a year ago.

“Couldn’t i just figure this out on my own?”

Most of the people I work with understand the value of their time and prefer to work with an expert who can help them fast-track their learning and avoid costly mistakes. A lot of people come to me having tried figuring things out on their own only to find they’re not using Asana in the best way. I’m also able to point out ways of using Asana and automating your processes that you may never discover on your own.

Following my approach means you’ll get to where you want to be in a lot less time compared to if you go it alone. Ultimately our objective is to use Asana to save time. Then you can work more “on” the business and less “in” the business.

“Should I join?”

Not everyone is right for this program and I don’t want to waste your time. Here’s what I think:

😇 You’ll love this program if:

  • You want to maximise the performance of your Asana account.
  • You realise that paying for a project management tool each month isn’t enough. Quality-in determines quality-out and you want to use Asana in the best way to improve your teams effectiveness.
  • You want to learn “over the shoulder” from someone who’s helped hundreds of clients to maximise their use of Asana.
  • You want to learn from other Asana users who have experienced what you’re going through.
  • You want to connect with me in person to get help optimising your sales process and training your team.
  • You like specifics and don’t have much patience for “fluff”.

😔 This program isn’t for you if:

  • You’re hoping that the program will suddenly fix all your problems.
  • You don’t use Asana or aren’t planning on it any time soon.
  • You don’t want to streamline your business and are happy doing things the way you’ve always done them.
  • If you’d prefer to work with an expert on an adhour hourly basis. While I do offer 1:1 consulting, my video training prepares you for sessions so we can use the time effectively.
  • You’re happy with your processes, how your team collaborates and don’t want to change how you work in the slightest.
  • You “don’t have time”. The program requires at least a few hours a week over the short-term.

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Paul Minors - Master Asana - Course Only

Paul Minors - Master Asana - Course Only

$135.00$750.00 (-82%)

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