Sarah Wayland – Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

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Many parents worry about how to change autistic behaviors, but it’s more helpful to understand what causes the behaviors. Learn what your child’s behavior is telling you, and how to address it.


Sarah Wayland, PhD – Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

Sarah Wayland, PhD - Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

Check it out: Sarah Wayland, PhD – Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

28 Experts on Autism and Parenting Reveal Their Top Insights and Strategies for Raising Kids with Autism

About this Summit

We brought together 28 of the world’s autism and parenting experts to share the most effective symptom management and parenting strategies for kids with less-obvious autism or Asperger’s, and their parents.
They share insights on the autistic brain and experience, the impact of sensory struggles, behavior, emotions, and regulation, social challenges, life as a teen or adult with autism, empowering your child for success, and so, so much more.
If you want to improve life for your child with autism, and improve life for yourself and your family, you can’t afford to miss this Parenting Autism Summit.

The Experts & What You’ll Learn From Them

Behavior, Emotions & Self-Regulation

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder. Understanding how lagging skills and development impact behavior leads to happier kids and families.

— Sensory Challenges: What They Are and How to Help Your Kid Cope • Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA, Author of “The Out-of-Sync Child,” Music, Movement, and Drama Teacher

— Self-Regulation and Autism • Susan Hopkins, EdD, Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre

— Interoception — The Eighth Sense • Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, International Speaker, Author of “Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System” and “The Interoception Curriculum”

— When the Two Exceptionalities are Autism & Giftedness • Julie F. Skolnick MA, JD, Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm

— Developing Flexible Thinking • Kristine Mastronardi & Jake Mastrionardi, A Mother-Son team, Kristine is a Certified RDI® Consultant & Jake is a CATCH-Certified Dog Trainer and a person with autism

— The Ziggurat Model – Designing Comprehensive Intervention Plans • Ruth Aspy, PhD & Barry G. Grossman, PhD. Psychologists. Co-Creators of the Ziggurat Model, coauthors of “FBA to Z: Functional Behavior and Intervention Plans for Individuals with ASD

— Autism, Trauma, and the Therapies that Can Remap the Brain • Julie M Bowen, LCSW. Director of Therapy and Services at HOPE Therapy & Wellness Center.

Parenting the Kid You Have

Many parents worry about how to change autistic behaviors, but it’s more helpful to understand what causes the behaviors. Learn what your child’s behavior is telling you, and how to address it.

— Honoring the Emotional Experiences of Teens & Young Adults • Debbie Reber, MA, Author of “Wired Differently: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World,” Founder of TiLT Parenting

— The Subtle Presentations of Autism • Donna Henderson, PsyD, Clinical Neuropsychologist with The Stixrud Group

— How to Let Go of the Struggle and Focus on What Matters • Ann-Louise T. Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP, Pediatric Psychologist, Board Certified Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology

— The Power of Creating Structure & Routine • Penny Williams, Award-Winning Author, Self-Care & Parenting Coach

— Holistic Care for Kids with Autism • Elisa Song, MD, Integrative Pediatrician, Founder of Whole Family Wellness

— Finding Purpose: Exploring & Nurturing Your Child’s Interests • Colleen Kessler, MEd, Gifted Education Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founder of

Get immediately download Sarah Wayland, PhD – Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

— Working With Your Child’s Pediatrician • Yulanda Swindell, MD, Pediatrician at The One World Center for Autism

Making Connections & Social Development

Social and communication skills are a well-known struggle for those on the autism spectrum. Learn how to strengthen the parent-child relationship, improve social skills, and navigate relationships.

— What I Wish They Knew When I Was Young… • Kim Clairy, OTR/L with Williams Miller, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Private Consultant, ASD Expert

— Language Skills: How They Cause Difficulties with Theory of Mind, Problem Solving, and More • Kathy Dow-Burger, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist/ Associate Clinical Professor, University of Maryland – College Park

— A Friend for Me: Navigating the Journey of Friendship • Rachelle Sheely, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Developer of Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®), and President of the RDI Connections Center

— The Importance of Making Meaningful Connections • Dr. Edward Hallowell, Board-certified Child & Adult Psychiatrist, NY Times Best-Selling Author, world-renowned speaker, and founder of The Hallowell Centers

— The Foundations of Connection and How to Teach Them • Sarah Wayland, PhD, RDI® Consultant, Parent Coach, Special Needs Care Navigator, Internationally Recognized Speaker

— Teaching Social Skills Using the PEERS® Curriculum • Caron Starobin, LCSW-C, & Jamell White, PhD, LCSW-C – Therapists and Certified PEERS® Instructors

— Helping Your Anxious Child with Social Interactions & Connections • Sharon Saline, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist

School, Work & Beyond

Many families wonder how to help their autistic child function in a neurotypical world. We’ll tackle school issues, transition strategies, college success, and employment readiness for individuals with autism.

— Working With and Improving Executive Functioning Deficits • Brendan Mahan, MEd, MS, Executive Function Consultant/ Coach, Veteran Educator

— College Supports & Preparing for Employment • Laurie Ackles, LMSW, Director of the Spectrum Support Program at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Higher Education Consultant with College Autism Spectrum (CAS)

— The Intersection of Race, Autism, and Emotional Disabilities • Abila Tazanu, MD, Founder and Executive Director of the One World Center for Autism, Inc.

— How to Help Autistic People Develop Self-Advocacy Skills •Stephen Shore, Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University – Educator, Consultant and Author

— Tools & Strategies for the Classroom • Sasha Long, BCBA, MA, Behavior Analyst, Former Special Education Teacher, Founder of The Autism Helper, Inc.

— Assistive Technology to Help Students with Autism & Related Learning Challenges • Joan L. Green, MA CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistive Technology Specialist, Author, Presenter

— Navigating Special Education When Your Child has Autism • Kristin Cook, Special Education Navigator

What You Get

— Forever access to all 28 video presentations
— Forever access to all 28 audio presentations
— The Empowerment Workbook
— All 28 speaker bonuses
— Certificate of Completion

Valued at well over $450 USD

Bonuses Included

  • Sarah Wayland, PhD – PRINTABLE: 6 Skills Your Child Needs to Connect with Others
  • Dr. Susan Hopkins – PRINTABLE: Graphics by Kristin Wiens to Help You Understand the Stressors You Experience in the Five Domains of Self-Reg + Articles Explaining Self-Reg
  • Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L – PRINTABLE: DIY Body Check Chart
  • Donna Henderson, PsyD – PRINTABLES: Myths About Autism, Autism in Girls, and Subtle Autism
  • Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA – BOOK EXCERPT: What Is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Adapted from The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up
  • Debbie Reber – GUIDE: 5 Must-Listen to Episodes of the TiLT Parenting Podcast for Parents of Teens
  • Colleen Kessler, MEd– WORKSHEET: Developing Your Child’s Strengths
  • Penny Williams – PRINTABLE: Homework Tips Cheat Sheet
  • Ann-Louise T. Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP – PRINTABLE: In-the-Moment Parenting Strategies
  • Kim Clairy, OTR/L – E-BOOK: What I Wish They Knew When I Was Young
  • Sharon Saline, PsyD– CHEAT SHEET: 5 Steps to Change Your Relationship with Anxiety
  • Laurie Ackles, LMSW – WORKSHEETS: College Readiness Survey Questionnaires for Parent & Student
  • Dr. Stephen Shore– PRINTABLE: Developing Self-Advocacy Skills for People with Autism
  • Joan L. Green, MA CCC-SLP– GUIDE: Assistive Technology Resource Guide
  • Rachelle Sheely, PhD – PRINTABLE: 17 Pre-requisites for Successful Dyads
  • Kathy Dow-Burger, MA, CCC-SLP – CHEAT SHEETS: Vocabulary Building Strategies
  • Ed Hallowell, Ph.D. – ARTICLE: Twelve Points for Making Meaningful Connections with Others
  • Julie F. Skolnick MA, JD – PRINTABLE: 10 Advocacy Steps
  • Kristine Mastronardi – VIDEO: Mindguiding with RDI
  • Ruth Aspy, PhD & Barry G. Grossman, PhD– PRINTABLE: Intervention Ziggurat, 5 Questions
  • Julie Bowen, LCSW – PRINTABLE: Activities to Help Achieve Mindfulness
  • Elisa Song, MD – E-BOOK: The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Their Child Has a Fever
  • Yulanda Swindell, MD – CHECKLIST: Important Information to Share with Your Pediatrician
  • Caron Starobin, LCSW-C & Jamell White, PhD, LCSW-C – CHEAT SHEETS: Strategies for Supporting Social Skill Development, Exiting Conversations & Handling Disagreements
  • Brendan Mahan, MEd, MS – E-BOOK: 5 Ways to Overcome the Wall of Awful
  • Abila Tazanu, MD – PRESENTATION: Autism 101 for Caregivers
  • Sasha Long, BCBA, MA – WORKSHEETS: Visuals for Time Management and Waiting
  • Kristin Cook – WORKSHEET: Taking Meeting Notes at School Meetings

Your Summit Hosts

Penny Williams
Parenting ADHD Trainer & Guide. Award-Winning Author. Journalist. Speaker.
Penny Williams trains and coaches parents raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. She’s the parent of a son with both ADHD and autism, and the award-winning author of four books on parenting ADHD: Boy Without Instructions, What to Expect When Parenting Children with ADHD, The Insider’s Guide to ADHD, and The Hidden Layers of ADHD.
Penny is the current editor of, Founder and Instructor for The Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy, facilitator of the Happy Mama Retreat and the Purposeful Parenting Bootcamp, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine and other parenting and special needs publications.
Sarah Wayland, PhD
Parent Coach. RDI™ Consultant. Special Needs Care Navigator.
Sarah Wayland, Ph.D. founded her company, Guiding Exceptional Parents, to help parents learn how to confidently and effectively help their children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other brain-based differences at home, at school, and in the community.
In addition to teaching and working with individual clients, Sarah is co-editor of the book Technology Tools for Students with Autism, and has written articles for the 2e Newsletter, Washington Parent Magazine, the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, and Expert Beacon. You can learn more at

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Sarah Wayland, PhD - Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

Sarah Wayland - Parenting Autism Experts Library, Vol. 2

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