Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Overcoming Fear v3

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However, until you develop the ability to use logic, fear can potentially be helpful. This is why I have age-limited this program to people 18 years and older.


Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Overcoming Fear v3

Shannon Matteson - Subliminal Shop - Overcoming Fear v3

Check it out: Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Overcoming Fear v3

NOTE: Switching from a previous version of this program to this version without having completed the previous version according to the instructions will void your right to request a refund for the previous version.What’s New In Version 3.0?

Version 3.0 of Overcoming Fear is the first fully powered 5.75.7G program, and makes some significant changes to Version 2.0:

  1. This version uses the latest skeleton script, which has been upgraded from 5.75.5G to 5.75.7G. This is significant because each increase of that last number represents a significant breakthrough in scripting techniques. 5.75.7G specifically represents a major increase in power over all previous generations. This alone makes the program significantly more advanced and powerful.
  2. One of the improvements is a more advanced configuration system for Platinum Lake build methodology.
  3. The specific breakthrough that brought us from 5.75.6G to 5.75.7G is a major change to how the script is configured and built. This should make the whole program work noticeably better (and possibly faster as well), compared to previous generations of programs.
  4. Overcoming Fear v3 uses a significantly more aggressive and advanced approach to dealing with fear than Version 2 did. If you use it according to the instructions, it should work for more people, and work better and more quickly than Version 2 as a result. It should also be significantly more difficult for any part of your subconscious to successfully resist or sabotage successfully.
  5. This version of Overcoming Fear is based on the new Version 5.0 of the Fear Removal Module, which improves on Version 4.9 in Overcoming Fear v2 by introduction several new sub-modules that make for a much superior result.

So what is this program all about?

Your New Life Without Fear Awaits!

Overcoming Fear 5.75.7G Version 3.0 is a major upgrade of the previous version of this program, and indeed, a major upgrade of both the Skeleton Script and the Fear Removal Module also.

The core goal of Overcoming Fear Version 3.0 is to safely, successfully and comfortably free yourself from fear – all of it. That goal is so grand and ambitious that it is difficult to really comprehend; it is deceptively simple to say. Most people are so used to being afraid all the time, consciously and subconsciously, that they don’t even realize when they’re experiencing fear or how it affects, restricts and sabotages them, or causes them to fail and be unhappy in life because they have normalized it, and consider it and its effects their “normal experience of reality”.

It’s taken several years of research, experimentation testing and development to build the primary scripting found in this program (the Fear Removal Module), because fear removal is an extremely difficult thing to do. A big part of why fear is so challenging to remove is that the parts of you that generate fear cause it to be self perpetuating, self adjusting, self preserving, self defending, self multiplying, self regenerative and completely irrational and illogical. They cause it to grow, change and try to defend, perpetuate and increase itself. They also use some truly ingenious ways to accomplish these goals. And because they are based in emotional thinking, which is irrational, dealing with it using logic is prone to failure – unless you understand the deep secrets about it that I have finally discovered after all these years of frustration trying to find a way to overcome it for good.

So Just What Is Fear?

What we call “fear” is nothing more than the response you have at the subconscious level (and sometimes at the conscious level too) to an imagined future outcome that has not happened, or which you don’t know for sure has happened, but which is interpreted by certain parts of your subconscious as a “real” threat to your safety regardless.

Some parts of your subconscious mind cannot differentiate what is imagined and what is considered “real” by your conscious mind. This is why these parts can and sometimes do respond so strongly to even purely imaginary threats that are blatantly nonsensical and ridiculous from a conscious, logical perspective. And because these parts of you are irrational and sometimes very primitive in their thinking and cognitive abilities, logic does not apply at all; it does not matter how logically silly, ridiculous or even literally impossible the imagined threat is, if those parts of your subconscious believe it is real then it can still trigger a fear response. Conscious fear likewise always stems from subconscious fear.

For example, a child without fear may touch a stove when it’s hot, get burned, and become afraid to touch it again. That fear preventing a repeat is a response to something that happened in the past, and something that hasn’t happened yet – touching the stove again. The child remembers the previous experience, imagines the experience of pain, and responds with fear to that course of action. That fear prevents them from doing it again, which is (in this case) a good thing. It works for this scenario. But it doesn’t always work. It can get distorted, twisted, grow too much, go too far and get stuck in strange ways that are harmful instead of helpful.

Do you really need fear to not touch a hot stove twice? No. You would remember the pain and simple logic would tell you, “Pain indicates damage to my body, and pain and damage are undesirable. I touch a hot stove and I feel pain. It is a consistent and predictable outcome. I know that touching a hot stove in the future is certain to hurt and cause me harm. Therefore, I choose not to touch a hot stove.” Fear isn’t necessary for this at all!

However, until you develop the ability to use logic, fear can potentially be helpful. This is why I have age-limited this program to people 18 years and older. This way, the user’s brain has time to develop the ability to think and use reason and logic before they can remove their fear. The end result prevents children who cannot yet reason or use logic well from having their fear removed and losing whatever benefit it may have for keeping them safe. Adults, however, can use logic to keep themselves safe while expending their potentials considerably by relying on logic instead of fear. Regardless of the age limiter – DO NOT expose anyone under 18 to this program.

One of the most brilliant ways fear perpetuates itself is to respond to anything that might remove it with – you guessed it – more fear! If you fear what will remove your fear, or you fear having no fear, or both, you will avoid it, and the fear gets to stay alive. Your irrational, fearful self believes this keeps itself – and you – safe.

That is why this program uses no less than 5 different very powerful safeties. One is the age limiter; the rest are kept secret to prevent competitors from stealing these hard-won ideas. It’s taken me years and years of work to figure out the Fear Removal Module to this point, and I’d like to benefit from my work, instead of having it copied and stolen. The safeties are secret, but they are designed to keep you completely safe while you are living without fear. I think you will find their influence very beneficial, even if you don’t realize specifically that it is the safeties at work.

Featuring The Directional Reflection Shield (DRS)

Overcoming Fear Version 3.0 also includes the Directional Reflection Shield. This module causes your subconscious to use your natural energy field as a defensive shield which reflects directly back to its source, in real time, any and all negativity energy or manipulative influence that comes your way.

We have found the stand alone DRS is very useful and extremely popular, and this program uses it as a way to protect you emotionally, giving you an emotional “safe haven” while you undergo the process of fear removal. It is common for people to have something trigger a fear while having their fears removed, which causes the fear to partially or fully regenerate. Overcoming Fear Version 3.0 is designed to halt that trigger for of fear regeneration, and DRS is one of the ways it does that.

Directional Reflection Shield also helps protect you from manipulation by others wanting to manipulate you by triggering fear. It also has a lot of nice side effects, such as protecting you from negativity, getting others to stop trying to manipulate you or send you negativity, and helping you de-escalating what would otherwise turn into arguments by keeping you safe and calm emotionally.

In Version 3.0, the Directional Reflection Shield has been significantly strengthened in the script, and should be significantly more obvious and more effective.

Additionally, Overcoming Fear Version 3 seeks to make the process of fear removal as easy and comfortable as possible, as well as making the results as permanent as possible. It is designed to safely, gently, completely and permanently eliminate the root causes of all of your fears. Different people will naturally get results at different speeds, and the process will not all happen overnight.

What is Life Like Without Fear?

Probably not what you expect. If I had to describe it in just one word, I would call it freedom. You will be amazed at how fear was restricting you when it disappears and then you realize by its absence what it was doing to imprison you in ways so subtle and so common that you normalized it and didn’t even know it was there. Using this program properly will significantly and permanently change your life for the better by giving you that freedom.

Freedom from fear is opportunity. There is usually a sort of awakening that happens as a person becomes free of fear. You suddenly become aware of the things the fear wouldn’t let you do before, or even hid from you to prevent you from even noticing and considering as an option. Now you realize that those things are not hidden, and are available for you to actually consider, explore, accomplish and do. Opportunities that were once hidden from your conscious awareness by the fearful parts of you are now revealed and seem to appear out of nowhere as if by magic. Opportunities and potentials that once were off limits are now yours for the taking. This applies to every aspect of your life, from romance to finance to education to job and career to interpersonal relationships and many more. The difference is, quite frankly, incredible.

When you have your fears removed, your whole life changes for the better in many different ways. You have the limited life you have now because that is what your fearful parts have limited you to trying to “keep you safe”. But as your fears fade away, the results naturally and harmoniously flow out from that fact and your life will naturally and automatically flow into an amazing new world of potentials you may not have ever realized were even there.

This change will not be instant, of course; you will need time to make the transition from fearful to fearless. Overcoming Fear v3 does not allow for the excuses, “reasons” or efforts to avoid removing your fears which are common sabotage reactions of the fearful subconscious in trying to maintain its fearful state.

After properly using Overcoming Fear Version 3, you should be able to look back on your previous life of limitation and wasted time, wasted energy and failure resulting from fear and marvel at not only the difference between your life then and the new freedom and opportunity-based reality you experience now. You’ll also wonder, “How did I ever live like that? How did I ever think that was normal?” It is truly an amazing experience that must be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.

Freedom from fear is also relaxation. Once you are free of enough fear, you will naturally find yourself much more relaxed mentally, physically and emotionally, and much more comfortable in general. You will not have fear constantly robbing you of your energy by creating tension in your mind, body and emotions. People frequently experience a deep sense of comfort in all of these directions that results from the tensions dissolving as the fears that cause them also dissolve, and the result is not just less energy wasted on useless worry and subconscious tensions in your mind, body and emotions, but a lot more comfort and relaxation, along with more energy to use for other things.

The Overcoming Fear Version 3 program can help with any kind and any level of fear, from subtle subconscious anxiety to full blown phobias. If you are currently suffering from major fears and phobias that require medication and/or psychological help to deal with, please make sure you use this program with the knowledge and supervision of your health care professional.

Please Note:

If you have been relying too much on fear to keep you safe, when your fears are removed you will need to start using your logical conscious mind to do that instead. The conscious, logical mind will keep you just as safe as your fears (in fact moreso, since fears tend to ultimately cause choices and actions that actually result in what they are focused on), but you may not be used to using that part of your awareness to do that job. It’s easy to do; you just have to pay attention and think. You would be just as effectively warned not to get into an accident by fear telling you not to, as by paying attention and realizing that getting in an accident would be a Bad Thing (TM).

Most people will be used to using both their fears and their conscious mind to keep them safe; however, some people will have learned to rely too heavily on their fears alone. For them, it will require some adjustment.


This program is the first of the fully powered subliminals in the 5.75.7 Generation of programs. Because this is probably the biggest single change in how these programs are made and how much potential power they have that has ever been made, the specifics of how to best use this program are naturally difficult to ascertain without real world usage. Therefore, please take the specifics given here as guidelines for where and how to start using the program. Use it this way for at least 14 days, and only adjust how you use it if you need to.

DO NOT use the Hybrid format until you are familiar with how the Masked and/or Ultrasonic formats affect you for at least one month of use each. Please be aware that Hybrid format in 5.75.7G may be overload for some or possibly all users.

The usage instructions for this program have been almost impossible to get a stable answer for, regardless of what I have attempted to do, so I will give you the best answer I have, and we will adjust if and as necessary from there. The best answer I have been able to get so far is this:

Use this program for 1 (one) loop per day on, for 2 (two) days on and 3 (three) days off. To fully achieve all of its goals, this program requires a minimum of 6 (six) months of continuous usage.

Yes, this is a long term commitment. But remember that this program has the goal of completely and permanently eliminating every one of your fears, regardless of how deeply embedded they are in your subconscious, regardless of how strong they are and regardless of how they try to avoid and resist being removed. This takes so much time to accomplish successfully because it must deal with such a huge challenge and goal. Be aware that you will need to use it according to these instructions to be eligible for a refund, so only purchase this program if you are able and willing to use it according to the instructions, or you don’t care if you get a refund otherwise.

To set the volume is easy: just select the tricking stream track, and adjust it to whatever is comfortable for your listening preferences. Then make sure you can at least faintly hear the lowest volume areas of the ocean surf track, and the resulting volume should be good for all of the format options.

Please do not expose children under 18 to this program, even though it has an age limiter. It is also recommended that this program not be used during pregnancy or if you are nursing because the fear removal process may in some cases alter your stress levels and potentially as a result, hormones, pheromones and other body chemistry.

Keep in mind that this program, as it removes your fears, naturally will change your whole life in significant ways, and some of those changes may be surprising and unexpected. Any and all aspects of your life may change as a result of this program, but as the fears are removed, the changes will be for the better.

During the use of this program, you may experience efforts by your subconscious to resist and/or sabotage this program achieving its goals. Please read the forum FAQ thread, “Types of resistance and how to spot them” for a better understanding of these, so you can know when and if they happen. Stopping before the instructed usage time may allow any remaining fears to regenerate and re-establish themselves, so please do not stop using this program until you have used it according to the instructions for at least 6 months. Feel free to use it longer than the instructed usage time if you desire.

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Shannon Matteson - Subliminal Shop - Overcoming Fear v3

Shannon Matteson - Subliminal Shop - Overcoming Fear v3

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