Sovereign Subliminals – The Don

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Listen, son. There is something in your face that worries me. When I look into your eyes I no longer see that young lad who wanted to conquer the world.


Sovereign Subliminals – The Don

Sovereign Subliminals - The Don

Check it out: Sovereign Subliminals – The Don

Come closer, my son. It is great seeing you here, ready to listen to an old man like me. Listen to what I have to tell you. I will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

I don’t know if you remember but you were quite a cheerful boy back when you were little. You probably don’t remember but you used to tell me how you one day wanted to surpass your father and be a greater hero than superman and whatnot. Every time you visited me and saw my office where I met with business partners you told me you couldn’t wait to grow up and become an adult and be like me.

You probably don’t remember. It’s been quite a while. I heard you haven’t been doing that great since the last time I saw you. It seems like not everything went the way you wanted it to, but that is no surprise and that’s not why I am talking to you right now.

Listen, son. There is something in your face that worries me. When I look into your eyes I no longer see that young lad who wanted to conquer the world.

What happened?

No, don’t tell me. It doesn’t matter to me what happened. To be honest, I don’t care about that at all. What upsets me is that you have been letting yourself down like this.

Are you listening? Shut that damn phone off and listen to me!

I don’t care what happened in the past. It is no excuse for wasting one day after the other, year after year, accomplishing nothing and being a good-for-nothing, rotting away in misery and cheap pleasure!

How long do you plan to keep on playing these meaningless games?

Where is that young fella, full of energy and power and plans for the future?

I don’t care what you answer now either, because I am going to shake him back into you.

Straighten your back and look into my eyes! What’s the matter with you?!

Playtime is over.

I am back and I will take matters into my hand now.

I will teach you what it means to be a man and I will remind you of who you are supposed to be. And no, it’s not something you have seen on Instagram or in porn or whatever stupid [censored by the management] you have been wasting your time with!

You will stop wasting your time with everything you have been wasting it with and you will learn how to invest it – actually invest it.

I will show you how to win friends and you will build a powerful network of influential and reliable people. More importantly, you will regain your self-esteem and honor and you will act accordingly. Excuses, weaknesses, and other [censored by the management] will be a thing of the past. You will learn what it means to do business in a responsible way and take care of your family. Your family deserves someone who got the balls and whatever it takes to protect and care for them.

And you owe it yourself if you want to call yourself the Don.

If you remember those times you visited me in your childhood, you probably know this isn’t about yelling and being an [censored by the management]. This is about being a leader and a leader has to lead himself first before he can lead others.

It is not about forcing your rule on people, that’s what dictators do and look how most of them end up. I will teach you to become the man people want to be led by.

We will build a real business empire that is going to generate a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.

You will learn the value of values, ethics, and integrity, something that I don’t see too much in our world today.

But most importantly, I will teach you how to dress properly, for God’s sake.

It breaks my heart to see what young men dare to wear in public these days.

There is a bunch of other things we are going to go about, but let me tell you this.

I really hope you make the right decision today. I hate seeing my son living like a beggar waiting for someone else for help when he was born to be a king.

Son, I don’t know how much longer I am gonna be around kicking [censored by the management]. But if I go I want to know I have given the best and most I could so I can meet God Almighty knowing I fulfilled my duty and handed my legacy over to the next Don in the family.

Now, you know what’s right for you.

Press that damn button and let’s get going, my son.

We got a lot of work to do.


The Don

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List of all benefits:

  • Naturally develop a classy sense of style that represents and expresses masculinity, high status, confidence, maturity, and dominance
  • Keep a cool head in challenging situations. Be the one who remains detached and faces what needs to be done head-on when everyone else is panicking
  • Radiate calmness, confidence, and dominance no matter the situation
  • People desire you to lead them and they admire you for your tough leadership skills
  • Be admired for your wisdom, honor, honesty, and maturity
  • Develop a deep, powerful, and commanding baritone voice
  • Manifest a broad network of honorable and reliable business contacts and powerful friends
  • Be wise by neutrally reflecting your own behavior, situations, and other people without being personal or belittling yourself or others. You will simply know what needs to be improved and how.
  • Be respected by your friends and family
  • Become very aware of what is truly important to you – your core values
  • Stand up for truth and your moral code
  • Always act as a role model that would make your children and your future self proud
  • Detect any form of manipulation or deception
  • Be a master of subtle persuasion and negotiation, both in your personal life and in your business life
  • Inspire loyalty and respect
  • Manifest a large circle of like-minded people
  • Develop important virtues such as humility, patience, courage, and kindness
  • Be wise and know who and what is worthy of your time and who and what isn’t and act accordingly
  • Manifest at least one business that provides you and your family with a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit
  • Be a master of organizing and managing people and resources
  • Manifest wealth
  • Intense aura of honesty, effortless elegance, honor, righteous dominance, safety and stability
  • Remain professional and nonchalant in any situation
  • Be an incredibly professional and intelligent, quick-witted conversationalist with great rhetoric
  • Always love and respect yourself no matter what others say, no matter the situation and no matter how you feel or what you think
  • Live by your words
  • Be a living legend

Note: X2 subliminals are quite powerful. 1-3 loops a day is sufficient. More loops will only slow down the progress. No need to overdo it.

What’s inside the Program?

  • The Don – X2 Subliminal
  • The Don – X2 Hybrid Meditation (Special Subliminal + 13 minutes Guided Meditation)
  • Your Success Book – General

This isn’t just a subliminal. This is a real Program, an interactive toolbox that contains everything you need to make the transition into a new life as easy as possible. Included is a dynamic subliminal, made possible through the powerful, new X2-technology. This subliminal may be enough to change your life… But in case it isn’t, in case you are one of the more stubborn when it comes to letting go of the old, we added something really special for you. A hybrid guided meditation, 13 minutes long, accompanied by your own personal Preparation Sheet, frees you from everything that made change hard for you in the past.

All self-sabotage patterns, toxic thoughts and attitudes, trauma, and everything else standing the way of this new reality. Yes, we even covered the inability to drop your desire and let it happen.

You got a guaranteed success ticket and you are sitting in the first row.

Enjoy the ride!

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Sovereign Subliminals - The Don

Sovereign Subliminals - The Don

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