Terry Dean – Ultimate Interview Product Solution

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I take on a very limited number of one-on-one coaching clients. I’ve helped many of them create their very first products. Interviews are my tool of choice in the majority of cases.


Terry Dean – Ultimate Interview Product Solution

Terry Dean - Ultimate Interview Product Solution

Check it out: Terry Dean – Ultimate Interview Product Solution

How to Generate Your First Passive Internet Income Stream in…

“10 Days Or Less”

Interviewing Expert Shares How He Created Over 700 Information
Products Using Other People’s Knowledge and Expertise.

Would You Like to:

Quickly and Easily Create Dozens of High Profit Products Using Other People’s Information, Credibility, and Experience

Build Relationships with the Top Influencers in Your Field For Joint Ventures, Winning Affiliate Promotions, and Team Projects

Use the Power of Identification to Build Your Reputation as An Expert In any Marketplace Even If You’re a Brand New Beginner

Discover How to Pull the Absolute Best Tips and Tricks Out of An Expert During An Interview – Revealing Knowledge They Didn’t Even Know They Had.

Create a Whole Series of Up to 200 Products or More In a Niche Market Using Other People’s information (Fred is doing this right now in one market we reveal).

By Terry Dean, Internet Business Coach

As you may already know, the easiest way to create your first information product is through interviewing a proven expert.

An interview lets you tap into their knowledge, their reputation, and their lists.

It’s the proven shortcut to building a profitable publishing empire for any beginner.

Only one problem…nobody has revealed the Ultimate Interview Product Solution…until now.

You’ve probably heard people tell you to write your own ebook. Or they might have told you to record an audio or video.

Or if they were really on the ball, they told you to do interviews to get started.

What they didn’t tell you was step-by-step how to choose a subject, find experts, contact those experts, record the interview, and publish the information successfully. In other words, they told you “What to Do” instead of “How to do it.”

My Coaching Clients Begged For This Information

I take on a very limited number of one-on-one coaching clients. I’ve helped many of them create their very first products. Interviews are my tool of choice in the majority of cases.

Why interviews? Simply put, a lot of people I end up working with are nervous about that very first product. They’re afraid they don’t know enough about a subject. They’re terrified no one would listen to what they have to say. They don’t have enough credibility in any market to be seen as the expert yet.

Instead of beating our head against a wall, we simply do their first few projects as interviews with experts who have credibility in the marketplace already.

Up till now, I’ve been helping all of my clients out of my experience in doing interviews. As of right now, I’ve published a total of 24 interview products in different markets. This number is about to increase dramatically as a result of my recent creation .

Creating 24 products has created a very nice level of income for me. Yet, I still didn’t feel I had all the pieces put together on interviewing.

Many people do one or two successful projects and consider themselves an expert. They’re reached a level of expertise, but they really haven’t reached the level of mastery on the subject.

My goal was to put together a step-by-step system for interviewing with someone who has really mastered this subject…

Fred Gleeck Shocked Me When He Told Me About Doing 700+ Interview Products

I knew he had done more than me, but when I asked him during the interview how many products he had done, it just about floored me. You can hear the shock on my voice when he responds to the question.

It’s literally hard for me to believe.

Fred has created over 2,000 information products in the 25 years he’s been doing this.

That’s 80 new products a year…or a new product every 4 to 5 days.

And 700+ of those products have been interviews.

Unlike many “internet experts,” Fred has created these products in more than a dozen niche markets. Here are six of his most popular markets he shared with me:

  • Golf
  • Raw Foods
  • Self-storage
  • Video producers
  • Catering
  • Limousine drivers

He has mastered the subject of doing interviews for profitable products.

I turned the tables on him and interviewed him this time…

Discover Step-By-Step How To Create Winning Interview Products For Long-Term Income, Relationships With Major Influencers, and Building Your Credibility in the Marketplace

The majority of your interviews can be done over the phone. They produce good quality interviews when you use the right tools. Yet, I wanted the best quality recording possible for this product.

I traveled out to Fred’s house in Las Vegas to interview him in person. For 3 hours and 10 minutes I poked and prodded him to share everything he knew about creating an information empire through interviews.

In the interview we covered all 8 vital steps to making money through interviewing:

  • Step One: How to Choose Your Hot Subject
  • Step Two: Track Down Experts for Your Interviews
  • Step Three: Recording Over the Phone and/or In Person
  • Step Four: How to Come Up with the Right Questions to Ask
  • Step Five: Become Comfortable on the Interview Itself
  • Step Six: How to Package and/or Duplicate the Product
  • Step Seven: Selling It Online
  • Step Eight: Make Even More Money From the Interview

Every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed in the Ultimate Interview Product Solution. Choose a hot subject people already want to by. Track down the credible experts with valuable information. Contact those experts with a proven pitch to get them on the call with you (even if you’re a beginner).

Use the right equipment to record the interviews in person or over the phone. Most interview products are done over the phone and you’ll be shown two different ways to record these for free or very low cost. We also cover professional level recording equipment for in person interviews like the one you’ll be listening to.

Discover where to find all the questions for your interview. Every question you need is ready for you…if you know where to look. Use Fred’s secret steps for becoming comfortable doing interviews even when you’d normally be shaking in your boots.

Find out how to package the information, what to price it for, and how to duplicate it if you decide to use physical delivery (it may surprise you in the discussion about digital versus physical delivery).

Sell the interview online by following the steps Fred reveals, including how he built his list of 135,000 email subscribers.

And finally we cover how to make even more money from the interview with licensing, multipurposing the content, and deluxe volumes.

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Terry Dean - Ultimate Interview Product Solution

Terry Dean - Ultimate Interview Product Solution

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